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Missouri Spring Practice: Barry Odom on Satellite Camps, injury updates, spring game rules

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News and notes from Friday's Mizzou practice

Injury News

  • RB Ryan Williams was out after apparently injuring his left knee and ankle on consecutive plays, LB Joey Burkett was out due being "dinged up. Odom said he expected both to be able to return Saturday.
  • Receiver turned safety Cam Hilton was out with a hamstring strain, it's unclear if it's the same hamstring as before.
  • Per Morrison, J'Mon Moore says he has a decision to make about his shoulder after spring. Asked if it involved surgery he said, "We'll see."
  • Lineman Nate Crawford - Mike McHugh said Crawford was walking with a "smooth dog walk", by which I think he meant a "limp".

Speaking of the offensive line

I briefly spoke to defensive tackle AJ Logan after practice:

Satellite camps shot down

MU had satellite camps lined up before NCAA vote to ban them - Columbia Daily Tribune

Odom said Friday that the Tigers had around 10 camps already lined up in "as many states that we recruit that we could’ve." He even mentioned a "mega-camp" in Atlanta that up to 15 schools, including Missouri, had been discussing. "There were so many schools reaching out to want to pair up together," Odom said. "We had some things we felt like we were going to do pretty strongly. And then, within the last 48 hours, it got a little bit crazy on people wanting to pair up all over the place. There were some decisions to make yet to see really just how many we were going to do."

The Council also deregulated electronic communication between schools and prospects for football, cross country, track and field and swimming and diving.

Odom on Media access:

"For our staff and for our team to get as good as we can get, and don’t worry about...I just wanted to eliminate as many things as I can for our guys. We obviously understand the situation that we’re in. We need to be good now. For us to be able to just come out and work, and it’s the same approach I’ve taken on a lot of things. In the weight room and our meeting rooms, we’re doing things a little bit differently, and then on the practice field. When it’s these two hours, I want our guys to focus on getting as good as we can get out here. We’ve got a long ways to go. I’m excited about our work that our guys have put in. Our student-athletes are doing a lot of positive things in the classroom. We’re getting a lot better out here and I like the work that we’re making in the weight room as well."

Odom on the rules of Missouri's Spring Game

He added, "I couldn't keep up with our last one."

NCAA shifts rules on Academic Integrity

NCAA outlaws satellite football camps | Eye on the Tigers |

"Under the new rules," the NCAA Council announced, "only conduct that violates a school’s own academic misconduct policies could become an NCAA academic misconduct violation. Specifically, the misconduct must have resulted in a falsification of the student-athlete’s academic record, involved a school’s staff member or booster, or allowed the student to compete while ineligible."

DI Council adopts academic integrity proposal |

The Division I Council clarified the academic integrity rules for member schools and student-athletes this week in a decision that is the first legislative change to the division’s approach to academic integrity issues since 1983.

The new rules establish clear and consistent guidelines for academic integrity issues and govern when such issues will be considered an NCAA violation. Decisions are not final until the Division I Board of Directors meets April 28.

"These new rules, unanimously accepted by the Council members, will draw much brighter lines for the Division I membership in the area of academic integrity," said Council chair James J. Phillips, vice president and director of athletics at Northwestern University. "The end result is greater accountability that begins with the school and involves the NCAA only in specific cases."

The new rules require schools to maintain and adhere to written academic integrity policies that apply to the entire student body.  Each school determines the scope and content of its own policies, and a school must follow its policies when an academic integrity issue involving a student-athlete occurs, regardless of circumstance.

Odom and staff have all maintained that they don't really have a depth chart right now but I've included a tenuous one based on what we know and who's injured or out for the spring. Players in yellow are either redshirt freshman or 2016 freshman; light blue background are walk-ons I've noticed getting reps; the darkest backgrounds indicate seniors and it fades as it moves toward underclassmen. A few players have their names in red which indicates they have injuries and were held out of practice. If something doesn't make sense or you have a suggestion feel free to let me know in the comments.