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DeMontie Cross on Harold Brantley: "His level of intensity makes that line go a little bit harder."

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Recruiting is long, arduous, and frustrating

Longtime Missouri commit and surging four-star prospect Da'Ron Davis camped with Nebraska yesterday unannounced. Fun!

Donnell Greene, the JUCO OL who visited Mizzou and Minnesota this week, may have committed to Minnesota yesterday ... and may not have.

Good times.

DeMontie + Bernie Mizzou's DeMontie Cross tells of the importance of the St. Louis market for the Tigers without NFL

On Harold Brantley:

Very good. The fact that he's there brings something to that defensive line that I didn't quite understand until I had the ability to see him run around a little bit. The kid has really made a remarkable comeback ... but his level of intensity and juice makes that defensive line go just a little bit harder. I can't forget the rest of the guys on that defensive line that continued to get better in his absence, but he definitely strengthens us with his ability to return. We've just gotta make sure that he's 100% when the season rolls around. He's working his tail off to get there.

There seems to have been a shift from "if" to "when" with coaches talking about Brantley's ability to come back in 2016. In the spring, there were enough ifs that we were beginning to think we might not see him on the field in 2016. Now it seems like they're just dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, and he'll most likely be there. That is exciting, to say the least.

And speaking of St. Louis, hey there, Johnnie Parker

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Hell yeah.