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Lowary and Wilson will provide insurance policies for Missouri in 2016

If either see the field in 2016, something's gone terribly wrong.


Jack Lowary

6’4, 215, Soph.

Huntington Beach, CA

Oscar Gamble: I’ve only seen limited amounts of Lowary but he reminds me of one former Missouri QB, Corbin Berkstresser, simply because if he’s the starter this fall then things aren’t going well.

davidcmorrison: Lowary arrived amid the Marvin Terry fallout storm, showed up for spring camp, didn’t say much and, by the time media days rolled around, was already on the second tier of the depth chart below Lock and Zanders.

That’s not a terrible thing. He’s only a second-year college player and has a redshirt year if Missouri can afford it. He’s got a big enough arm and enough experience helming a varied offense to be a valuable reliever right away if Missouri needs it.

Sam Snelling: If Corbin Berkstresser is the comp for Lowary, I’ll take it. I always thought Berk got exposed a bit early and never found his way after, but there was no denying the kid has a gun attached to his right shoulder. Maybe sitting out Lowary can learn how to corral his accuracy in a way that Berk never did. Or maybe Lowary will just go on to become a career benchwarmer and a future Navy Seal. Either way, I’m happy to have at least SOME depth on the ol’ chart.

TheRonDavis: I’m intrigued by Lowary. He comes from a great high school program at Mater Dei, sat the bench his junior year and had a good senior season. His high school coach told me that he was a team player and Lowary confirmed that to me during spring football. Either way, he’s another arm that can provide some depth. I’ve heard he has a pretty strong arm. If he’s the starter, the season did not go the way you wanted it to. Maybe he is Corbin Berkstresser.

Bill C.: The life of an insurance-policy quarterback is indeed strange. He seems to have a nice arm and decent promise. And if we see him on the field, it's either about 2018, or something has gone seriously wrong.

Micah Wilson

6’3, 205, Fr.

Tulsa, OK

Oscar Gamble: Flipping Micah Wilson from Boise State was a coup in my opinion. Never mind the Tiger legacy brought depth to the quarterback group and a prized running back in Damarea Crockett. He has some potential if he has time to develop after a redshirt year and I think he’s a good fit for Josh Heupel’s offense. Hopefully we’ll see in a few years.

davidcmorrison: Accurate enough arm to make all the quick, timing type throws to keep his fastball high school offense going. Good enough legs to get his coach to retool said offense a bit to feature him on designed runs more.

He’ll have to wait, no doubt, but the materials are there.

Sam Snelling: I’m far too positive in all of these, but it was very good news when Mizzou was able to flip Wilson. Good athleticism, good accuracy and a kid that wants to be a Tiger are all the kinds of things you want in a Quarterback that you can develop, and a guy who will compete for a job in a few years.

TheRonDavis: Wilson will all but redshirt this season, but that extra year can payoff in the long run. According to his HUDL, he runs a 4.53 forty yard dash and had a 56/2 touchdown to interception ratio. If Wilson’s speed and accuracy checks out, Josh Heupel will have an intriguing project to develop over the next few years.

Bill C.: Wilson's highlight film certainly suggested he could turn into an efficient guy, capable of picking apart holes in zones, throwing "only where your guy can catch it" balls to the perimeter, and punishing defenses with his legs when they turn their back. And as with Lowary, hopefully we don't see Wilson for a while.