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Zoulogy talks J'den Cox, Camp Updates and Missouri Tigers over/under predictions

Welcome back for another episode of the Zoulogy podcast with your hosts Oscar and Dan Keegan.

Welcome back folks!

In today's episode of the Zoulogy podcast we cover J'den Cox, Missouri fall camp updates, motivating pep-talks and some season over/under prediction talk.

Kicking Off: J'den Cox wins Bronze!

Is it better to end with a loss and a silver or end with a win and a bronze?

6:40 Fall Camp/Injury Update

Discussing Nate Brown plus Saturday’s Scrimmage

11:18 Over/Unders, Predictions, Prop Bets

Wins (BOVADA has Mizzou at 5.5)

Drew Lock?

Who runs for more TDs?

Alex Ross:

Ish Witter/Nate Strong

Damarea Crockett

Chris Black:

Second leading Receiver?

Who catches more TDs - WRs or TEs?

Michael Scherer: Over/Under 100 tackles?

Interceptions: Aarion Penton or the field?

Leonard Fournette rushing yards against Mizzou

Budweiser's that I drink in New Orleans/baton rouge

Charles Harris:Over/Under 14 sacks, 18 TFLs

Second most sacks on the team

Sidenote about Jordan Harold


Listen for the latest from the rumor mill.

Thanks for listening and let us know what you think in the comments!