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Zoulogy Podcast Previews Mizzou vs West Virginia with David Morrison

Welcome back for episode 3 of the Zoulogy podcast with your hosts Oscar, Dan Keegan and guest host David Morrison.

Welcome back to the Zoulogy podcast! We are now on iTunes!

It's week 1 of the college football season and we're here to preview Missouri's opener against West Virginia.

Show Notes

0:00 - Introductions and David Morrison on his transition from beat reporting to blogging

2:45 - Oscar declares West Virginia a must-win for Mizzou

6:25 - Are we sure WVU is going to be good?

12:20 - Wait, is Missouri going to be any good?

16:30 - On Mizzou’s wide receivers

22:20 - QB depth chart and Drew Lock’s potential

29:35 - Final Predictions for Week 1 Mizzou vs WVU

Thanks for listening and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!