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Where do SEC teams stand 2 weeks in, and where could Mizzou go bowling?

A look at college football bowl projections and playoff contenders.

Week 2 was intriguing for several reasons. For starters, Georgia revealed they might not be the caliber team we all expected (I might regret this statement Saturday). On the flip side, Tennessee might have figured out how to play football. Lastly, LSU might have found its quarterback and Mizzou seems to have found its weapons. With all that said, let’s make a few predictions based on what has come to fruition after week 2.

Top 4 teams... for now

  1. Alabama
  2. Florida State
  3. Ohio State
  4. Michigan

No surprise from the what the AP poll has for their top 4. I still think Michigan shows more spark than Ohio State and is the better team for now. We will certainly know how good Ohio State is after this coming weekend. Florida State potentially could be knocked out permanently by Louisville this Saturday if Lamar Jackson goes all Heisman on them. Which could move either Clemson or Houston into the top 4. Alabama deservedly keeps the #1 spot, and will stay there until some team wins on a fluke play.

My playoff prediction after watching week 2

  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan
  3. Florida State
  4. Houston

I can’t see either the top three I picked losing to anybody in their conference. Michigan is playing at another level and I don’t think Louisville or Clemson will be able to stop Francois. I also believe Houston is a top 4 team right now, and will beat Louisville on November 17th.

To get to the playoffs, Tennessee will need to beat Florida for the first time in 11 years and ummm oh ya... Alabama potentially twice in 2016

Even though they won a "championship" this past weekend, I would be shocked if Tennessee rallies through the rest of their schedule and goes undefeated. Especially after the showing with Appalachian State. With what appears to be another down year for the East, Tennessee should make its way to Atlanta. The only problem is that they could end up playing Alabama twice, and you're bound to lose a game if you play Saban twice in a year. Florida and Ole Miss could still make a solid push for Atlanta and potentially the playoffs, but they will stay as the SEC’s designated bubble teams for now. Georgia and LSU, you’re drunk, go home.

Weapons weapons weapons, Mizzou found weapons!!!

I would certainly say Mizzou fans found some hope this past Saturday. Yes, Mizzou played EMU, but this is a much more productive offense than last year, and we were one game away from going bowling in 2015. The Georgia game would be a huge win for Odom. Not only would it be an unexpected win, but it would give Mizzou a much greater chance at bowling with the West Virginia game in the "L" column. With two more cupcake games, the Tigers will need to navigate through at least two conference games to have a shot at the Birmingham Bowl or Texas Bowl.

With that said, here is where I believe Mizzou will most likely land this postseason.

80% chance-5-7 or 6-6 record: Birmingham Bowl or Texas Bowl

20% chance-7-5 or 8-4 record: Belk Bowl, Music City or Liberty Bowl

Let us know below what you think.