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PREDICTIONS TIME: Who wins tonight at Faurot Field, Mizzou or Georgia?

Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

Georgia at Missouri: 6:30 p.m. CT, SEC Network

In preparation for tonight's Missouri-Georgia game in Columbia, we've looked at Missouri's unchanged depth chart and checked on Drew Lock's maturation (and that of his young Georgia counterpart). We've looked back at Mizzou's sudden drive-finishing ability and marveled at fast cars and the jumbo formation and Mizzou's Piesman frontrunner. We've checked on incoming visitors and bowl possibilities. We've talked about the importance of Mizzou's defensive line and tried to figure out how close #DLineZou is to returning. We've discussed Mizzou's touchdownless streak and the Tigers' non-Penton cornerbacks. We've podcasted and podcasted and podcasted. Finally, we've previewed and pregamed.

So now it's time for your prediction. Having dutifully consumed all of the above content, what do you have to say about tonight's game? Does Mizzou come up with its best home win since Arkansas 2014? Do the Dawgs go 3-0 at Faurot? Does Mizzou at least score a TD or two? Vote in the poll and leave your prediction in the comments.