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Recapping Missouri's 28-27 loss to Georgia, Drew Lock's, Curses and #Augusta4Piesman

The crew recaps Missouri's 28-27 home loss to Georgia

Hey there folks! The Zoulogy podcast with Oscar, Dan and David recap Missouri's 28-27 loss to Georgia including Drew Lock's performance, Charles Harris on the prowl, questionable play-calling, untimely turnovers and the myth that Mizzou is cursed.

Show Notes

0:35 - "The Little Girl with the Curl" aka Isaiah McKenzie
1:50 - Drew Lock started off great, J'Mon Moore saw the ball a lot
4:30 - On Josh Heupel's scheme and play-calling feel
6:21 - 3 interceptions: the good, the bad and the ugly
10:35 - #TightEndPassGame
11:21 - Missouri didn't allow any points off turnovers, partially thanks to #CollegeKickers
14:00 - Ish Witter = Nick Chubb?
14:35 - Charles Harris and what is a sack?
17:02 - John "DPI" Gibson and the three glaring holes on defense
21:15 - Talking about the dumb narrative that "Missouri is cursed"
24:40 - #Augusta4Piesman
26:25 - Does it feel good to hurt after a win?
30:30 - What if I told you Missouri's offensive line has been good?
31:18 - What are some things you'd like to see improve?