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Missouri Tigers win 79-0 over Delaware State, Previewing LSU Tigers

The Zoulogy Crew recaps Missouri’s record win and look ahead to LSU

Welcome back fam!

Oscar, Dan and David are back, back again.


0:00 - Intros
1:55 - Mizzou vs Delaware State, Did you even watch?
3:45 - Are we worried about any of these injuries? Or the run game?
8:40 - Truman's push ups
9:38 - New Segement: Listener Questions!
5 touchdown performances, Heisman hopefuls, Packing the stadium and Trops
22:15 - LSU preview: Is LSU actually good?
27:45 - Yeah well is anyone good? The Transitive Property of College Football
29:30 - Defending against Leonard Fournette and other "Key" matchups

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