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Mizzou Football: X & O'nalysis

A Cross Examination of Mizzou’s Defense

Blown coverages, missed tackles and misreads were mainly responsible for the Tiger’s defensive woes.

Convergent evolution and modern college defenses

Examining how Missouri's defense reflects the natural evolution of modern college football.

What changes can we expect on defense?

Barry Odom retained only one Missouri assistant on the defensive side of the ball. Can a new Mizzou defense match the standard of the last one?

Breaking down the Black and Gold Game promo video

A thorough analysis of over a minutes worth of Mizzou highlights

Keeping Up with Kentrell: History Could Be Made

Senior linebacker Kentrell Brothers continues to anchor the Missouri defense en route to a career season.

Tracking another great #DLineZou performance

The offense didn't show up in Missouri's 21-3 loss to Florida, but the defensive line again left a solid impact on Saturday night.

How Can Drew Lock Beat Florida?

After a successful debut as a starter, Drew Lock will need to make some big plays to lead the Tigers to a homecoming win.

D Line Zou is #1 in Havoc for a reason

The defensive line is impressive, but you should be concerned about the linebackers vs Florida

Keeping Up With Kentrell 4: This Was Fine

The Senior LB turned in a very solid performance to help lead the Tigers to a win over the Gamecocks last Saturday.

What to Expect from Drew Lock

For the second time in 3 years, a freshman QB with a bit of experience is taking over the starting job.

This stream has:

Everything you need to know about Drew Lock

Drew Lock has seen reps in all four games of the 2015 season, and now will start vs South Carolina.

Keeping Up With Kentrell 3: Injury Cuts Day Short

The Senior LB had another double-digit tackle outing against Kentucky, but the bigger story was his ankle injury he suffered at the end of the third quarter

7 Explosive Ways to lose a game

Mizzou's defense gave up seven plays that went for 20 yards or more in their loss to Kentucky, here they all are, highlighted and explained.

Film Room: Drew Lock vs. Kentucky

The true freshman QB started off hot, but stalled in scoring position. What went well and what went wrong?

#DLineZou's dominant performance vs UConn

The front line jumped into the spotlight with it's most dominant outing of 2015

Film Room: Drew Lock vs UConn

Let’s take a look at some things Drew Lock does well, and what he needs to improve on.

The After Action Report: UConn

Henson owes Odom a beer

Maty Mauk's arm and legs provide Mizzou's offense

Maty Mauk moved the ball through the air to score and on the ground to salt away the victory

Keeping up with Kentrell: He Did It Again

One week after a record-setting performance against Southeast Missouri State, Missouri's Kentrell Brothers showed out with another big night against Arkansas State.

Film Room: Drew Lock vs. SEMO

True Freshman Drew Lock's debut as Mizzou Tiger was promising, let's look at some of the things he did well.

Barry Odom's past and Missouri's future

On Saturday, the Barry Odom era begins in Columbia, Mo. We know that this means MU's defense will be different, but we have no idea what that looks like. In an attempt to find out, I examined Odom's defense at Memphis. What I found looks fun as hell.

We Diagram What We Do: Offensive Analysis

Diagramming the pass and run play concepts that Mizzou should, could and will run

This stream has:

Mizzou Football Xs & Os Explained

Attacking the 3-4 and 4-3

Differences between playing against the 4-3 and 3-4 are subtle but pronounced.

In Defense of the Screen Pass

Explaining the various types of screens and how Mizzou looks to use them

Rewatching Maty Mauk in the Citrus Bowl

Taking a look at Maty Mauk's Citrus Bowl performance and what it means for Missouri's offense in 2015.

2015 Mizzou Football Recruiting: Scholarship Count

Taking a closer look at how Missouri's commitments and available scholarships add up.

Mizzou vs Arkansas: The Drive to save a Title

Breaking down how the Tigers tied up the Hogs with 98 yard drive to save Title shot

Mizzou Secondary: Kenya hold up vs A&M?

Missouri will be missing Aarion Penton for the game and Braylon Webb for a half, so there's some reasonable concern going into the Texas A&M game. Let's look at how the secondary has been performing.

Maty Mauk's Inconsistencies

Charting each passing play from the Georgia game wasn't pretty, but perhaps by reviewing it and purging it, Maty Mauk can rebound vs Florida.

Play by Play Breakdown: Georgia vs Mizzou

Notes on all the plays (okay 3 quarters) of Mizzou's loss to Georgia

Film Room: Mizzou-SC second half

Mizzou's second half defense matched it's first, giving up only 10 points and keeping the Tigers in the game. After going down 20-7 late in the 4th quarter, they ramped up the intensity to preserve the 21-20 margin.


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