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They Supposed to be SEC: Off-Season discussion about Defensive Lines

A couple of our colleagues at other SBN sites have been passing around a discussion about defensive lines in the SEC

Some teams are more SEC than others
Some teams are more SEC than others

2014 SEC Football Position Group Rankings - Rocky Top Talk

11. MISSOURI Mizzou doesn't recruit well and lost their two best players to the NFL draft. That's not a recipe for a good defensive line, or sustainable success generally.
Missouri: They'll be good, but I wonder about the stoutness inside, especially if Missouri's offense takes a step or two back.
Missouri - Markus Golden and Shane Ray, Mizzou's stud defensive ends, combined for 12 sacks last year even in the shadow of Michael Sam. They should be able to get to quarterbacks early and often this season.
-- For all Auburn (well, Tre Mason) gassed them in the SECCG, Missouri still had a fantastic defensive line last year. I see that carrying over to at least a really good one this year. (College & Magnolia)
Surprised to see Mizzou at the top of Poseur's list. They'll be near the bottom of mine. Simply put, they lost their two best players, their top two leaders in sacks. We don't know if Markus Golden is anything without having the benefit of playing next two and behind two guys that created a ton of havoc and drew a lot of attention all on their own. Nobody else on that line stands out, either.
Mizzou- Missouri had maybe the best defensive line in the SEC in '13 but were exposed against Auburn. Sam Montgomery is gone but the Tigers still have  Kony Ealy and Markus Golden who combined for 14.5 more sacks and 27 tackles for loss.