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Kentrell Brothers is close to history

The senior linebacker continues to anchor the defense en route to a career season.

91 tackles through seven games. 5.5 tackles for loss. He's pulled away with the lead with total tackles in the nation this year. He's a midseason All-America pick.

Kentrell Brothers is on the verge of completing one of the best seasons a linebacker has ever had at the University of Missouri. He's averaging 13 tackles a game. With five games left, hitting the average each night would put him at 156 tackles this year. That's good for second-best in the season for any Missouri Tigers, just ahead of #MizzouMade Sean Weatherspoon.

Let's check out some Kentrell plays from Saturday night.

Play 1 - 4:06 in 1Q

The first play we'll look at is early in the first quarter, with the Bulldogs driving down the field on their third drive of the night.


Brothers and the Tiger defense have stacked the box on fourth-and-1 against the Georgia offense. Brendan Douglas is back at RB. The fullback's job is to seal the running lane for Douglas so the Dawgs can get the first down. Kentrell reads the play perfectly, gets past the FB, and sticks Douglas at the line for a loss. Absolutely huge play to kill the drive.

Play 2 - 6:50 in 2Q

Next quarter, Dawgs are near midfield again, lined up in the shotgun. Mizzou is in the Dime set.


This will be a run to the left side that centers on the left guard getting a good chip on Rickey Hatley, then seal Brothers to get Keith Marshall into the open field. The guard gets a good chip on Hatley, and Marshall has a great hole on the left side of the line. The guard gets a hand on Brothers, but Kentrell releases quickly and is able to bring Marshall down short of the first down mark to bring up third down. A false start and a sack would end up forcing a UGA punt.

Play 3 - 1:28 in 3Q

Next, UGA has marched down the field and is now in the redzone on second-and-goal.


This will be a run to the right side of the field, opposite of Kentrell, but let's be honest...when has that ever stopped him?

The guard and tackle pull to the right to set up a small wall of blockers for Sony Michel. Kentrell is standing up on the right side, sees the play going the opposite way, and takes a great angle of pursuit toward Michel. Charles Harris should get credit for a majority of the tackle, but Kentrell is doing Kentrell things and helps clean up on the play after starting on the opposite side of the run.

Play 4 - 10:26 in 4Q

Last play we'll look at near the beginning of the final quarter, with Georgia just inside Missouri territory.


Georgia is lined up in the Singleback set, with the Tigers lined up in their usual 4-3 look, Kentrell is the Mike.

Georgia tries a run up the middle. The center originally looks like he's going toward Brothers, but Terry Beckner Jr. comes across and forces him toward the tackle-side. Kentrell takes advantage and reads the play perfectly to stop Sony Michel for just a two-yard gain.


I'm optimistic. Brothers is playing at another level, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The record for tackles in a season at the University of Missouri is 164 tackles by Travis McDonald. Go get it, Kentrell.

A third straight SEC East title seems to be out of picture, but history is in grasp for Missouri's senior stud.