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2015 Mizzou Spring practice: Raymond Wingo at WR, Marcus Loud, #DLineZou growing up

Because of some injuries, Mizzou tried some players at different positions during yesterday's practice while the defensive line has shown some growth, physically and mentally

Raymond Wingo
Raymond Wingo
Ed Zurga/Getty Images Mizzou Football coverage

Mizzou Tigers pennant At the Spring Game

What's going to be on my walls soon:

Mizzou Tigers pennant Spring football

Wide Receivers - Spring Notebook: 4/7

The most glaring positional shuffling came at wide receiver, where a new name stretched. Redshirt freshman Raymond Wingo, formerly a cornerback, practiced with the offense on Tuesday and lined up at the H-receiver spot.


$$$ PMTV: Marcus Loud - Video

If you watch the video of Marcus Loud above (need a subscription) you really get the sense that he wants to establish a legacy of his own, to not just be "the guy who came after Shane Ray" etc. I thought it was remarkably refreshing and less filled with the coach-speak so many Mizzou players are coached to use, but in a good way. Morrison has a little more about him in the link below.

MU Notes: The "Maturation of Marcus Loud" edition - Columbia Daily Tribune | David Morrison

To hear Loud tell it, he was getting in his own way. "My playing time and everything that happened last year relied heavily on me," Loud said. "I had stuff I was letting, off-field activities and stuff that was affecting my on-field production. They did what they had to do, within the process that opened up my eyes and made me realize that, just because you're here and on scholarship -- you're in this spot -- nothing's guaranteed. Everything can be taken away from you in a moment." The 6-foot-4, 260-pound Loud said that message started resonating with him near the end of last year.

Mizzou's Wingo on the move — for now : Dave Matter

There’s some movement along the defensive line, too. Rickey Hatley is working with the No. 1 defense at tackle alongside returning starter Harold Brantley, and ahead of Josh Augusta, a top reserve last year. Hatley has floated between end and tackle during his career, but now that he’s up to 295 pounds, he’s found a home at tackle.

"I’m committed to the inside," Hatley said. "I feel stronger on the inside. I don’t know if I can carry this weight on the outside and play like Shane (Ray) did."

Maty Mauk

Brandon Allen and Maty Mauk looking for improvement in 2015 - SEC Blog - ESPN

It might sound cliche that two quarterbacks in college football's toughest conference want to get better, but really, these two held their teams back at times last season. Yes, Missouri surprised everyone with another double-digit-win season and a second straight SEC Eastern Division title, but the Tigers mostly road the coattails of a tenacious defense, and Arkansas' running game and defense were at the center of the Razorbacks' seven-win success.

"Right now, I want to do whatever I can do to step my game up to the next level, but at the same time I gotta do whatever I can do to help Mizzou win football games," said Mauk, who will be a redshirt junior this fall. "That’s my job."

College Football

Andy Staples: Should NCAA alter league title game requirements? Look at rule's origin - College Football -

College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016 -