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Quarterbacks, Mizzou offense, win second scrimmage

Notes, stats and observations from Mizzou's second football scrimmage.

Depth chart updated according to stretch lines observed during Mizzou's second scrimmage.

#6 Tavon Ross 6'0 200 RS Fr.
#35 Zane Jacoby 6'4 205 Fr.
#9 TJ Warren 5'11 190 Fr.
#33 Cam Hilton 6'0 180 Fr.
#22 Anthony Sherrils 6'0 190 So.

#50 Jacob Trump 6'3 225 Fr. #24 Terez Hall 5'11 215 Fr.
#45 Franklin Agbasimere 6'2 215 Fr.

#49 Ferrod Gardner 6'2 200 Fr.

#15 Grant Jones 225 RS Fr.

#34 Joey Burkett 6'2 210 So.

#38 Eric Beisel 6'3 236 RS So.

------ OR ------

#4 Brandon Lee 6'2 220 So.

#40 Clarence Green 6'0 220 Sr.
#10 Kentrell Brothers 6'1 235 Sr.

#30 Michael Scherer 6'3 230 Jr.

#25 Donavin Newsom 6'2 230 Jr.
#16 Brock Bondurant 6'2 215 RS Fr.
#19 Ronnell Perkins 6'0 185 Fr.
#8 Thomas Wilson 5'10 190 So.
#3 Cortland Browning 6'1 205 Sr.

#21 Ian Simon 6'0 195 Sr.

#31 Finnis Stribling IV 5'11 175 RS Fr.
#28 Logan Cheadle 5'10 180 So.
#11 Aarion Penton 5'10 190 Jr.
#1 Anthony Hines 6'2 185 RS So.
#52 Eddie Serano 6'3 235 So. #61 Adam Roland RS Fr. 6'3 315 #94 Tyrell Jacobs 6'4 260 Fr. #92 Justin Grava 6'3 250 Jr.
#98 Rocel McWilliams 6'2 240 RS Fr. #89 Tyler Hanneke 6'4 250 Jr. #18 Josh Moore 6'5 260 Fr. #88 Nate Howard 6'5 220 Fr.
#13 Spencer Williams 6'3 245 RS Fr. #96 A.J. Logan 6'2 300 So. #79 Terry Beckner Jr. 6'4 300 Fr #56 Walter Brady 6'3 255 RS Fr.

#91 Charles Harris 6'3 255 So.

#95 Rickey Hatley 6'4 285 Jr. #97 Josh Augusta 6'4 345 Jr. #16 Marcell Frazier 6'5 265 RS So.

#8 Thomas Wilson 5'10 190 So.

#11 Aarion Penton 5'10 190 Jr.
#25 Donavin Newsom 6'2 230 Jr.
#28 DeAndre McKenzie 6'1 185 Sr.
#5 John Gibson 6'0 190 Jr.
#7 Kenya Dennis 5'11 200 Sr.
#6 J'Mon Moore 6'3 190 RS So.
#17 DeSean Blair 6'3 190 RS Fr.
#84 Emanuel Hall 6'3 200 Fr.
#14 Ray Wingo 5'11 180 RS Fr.

#2 Nate Brown 6'3 205 So.
#41 Eric Laurent 6'2 215 Jr.
#16 Thomas Richard 6'1 190 RS Fr.
#85 Richard Floyd 5'11 175 Fr.
#19 Oke Ashuke 5'10 185

#60 Connor McGovern 6'4 305 RS Sr. #62 Taylor Chappell 6'5 305 RS Sr. #77 Evan Boehm 6'3 320 Sr. #73 Mitch Hall 6'5 310 RS Sr. #55 Nate Crawford 6'5 300 So.
#64 Paul Adams 6'6 290 RS Fr. #63 Brad McNulty 6'4 300 RS. Sr. #57 Alec Abeln 6'3 290 So. #71 Kevin Pendleton 6'4 315 RS Fr. #70 Malik Cuellar 6'5 300 Jr.
#68 Mike Fairchild 6'5 295 RS Fr. #78 Andy Bauer 6'3 310 RS Fr. #56 Sam Bailey 6'5 270 RS Fr. #66 Adam Ploudre 6'4 295 RS So. #72 Clay Rhodes 6'5 290 So.
#65 Tanner Owen 6'5 275 Fr. #52 Jordan Hill 6'2 270 So. #69 AJ Harris 6'4 285 Fr. #76 Thomas Grossman 6'3 260 Fr. #75 ???

#80 Sean Culkin6'6 245 Jr.


#10 Jason Reese 6'5 250 So.

#82Clayton Echard 6'5 260 Sr.
#11 Kendall Blanton 6'6 250 RS. Fr.
#54 Nick Monaghan 6'2 245 Sr.

#18 Wesley Leftwich 6'1 205 Sr.
#15 Keyon Dilosa 6'3 200 RS Fr.
#8 Justin Smith 6'7 200 Fr.
#26Jake Brents 6'3 205 Jr.

#7 Maty Mauk 6'0 195 Jr.
#9 Eddie Printz 6'3 205 So.
#1 Marvin Zanders 6'1 185 RS Fr.
#3 Drew Lock 6'4 205 Fr.
#13 Corbin Berkstresser6'3 210 Sr.

#32 Russell Hansbrough 5'9 195 Sr.
#21 Ish Witter 5'10 190 So.
#36 Morgan Steward 6'0 210 Jr.
#35 Tyler Hunt
#39 Chase Abbington 6'2 215 Jr.
#5 Marquise Doherty 6'1 205 Fr.
#4 Ryan Williams 6'0 180 Fr.
#99 Andrew Baggett 6'1 215 Sr.
#90 Nick Coffman 5'11 175 Jr.
# Luke Jackson 6'1 185 Jr.
# 3 John Gibson 6'0 190 Jr.
#22 Anthony Sherrils
#11 Aarion Penton 5'10 190 Jr.
#8 Thomas Wilson 5'10 190 So.
#12 Johnathan Johnson 5'10 175 Fr.
#48 Rodrick Winters 5'11 225 RS Fr.
#90 Harold Brantley 6'3 290 RS Jr.


Maty Mauk: 15-22 (68.2%), 134, TD, rushing 3-26

Drew Lock: 15-20 (75.0%), 168, 2 TD, rushing 5-(-8)

Eddie Printz: 7-13, (53.8%), 101, TD, rushing 3-4

Marvin Zanders: 4-8, (50.0%) 64, rushing 7-62

Corbin Berkstresser: 2-4 (50.0%), 60, TD, rushing 2-(-1)

Maty Mauk completed nearly 70% of his passes vs. primarily the No. 2 defense, lofted a touchdown pass to Nate Brown after getting Logan Cheadle to bite on a pump fake, and checked down on several throws to Sean Culkin, Russell Hansbrough, and Ish Witter.

2-min drill Mauk: 4 of 5 passes for 57 yards,  38 of those yards came on one pass to DeSean Blair. Then 11 of 17 (64.7%) for 77 yards, 1 TD

Yes, he pirouetted twice, but he had zero interceptions, only one sack, ran for 26 yards and oddly overthrew DeSean Blair on a long play-action pass before connecting with the sure-handed X-receiver during the two-minute drill.

Not to be out done, Drew Lock actually completed 70% of his passes, going 5-for-5 against the No. 1 nickel defense plus two touchdowns. One touchdown came against the No. 1 defense after he found Justin "Longshanks" Smith for a 49-yard completion, then hit Ray Wingo on a slant route into the back of the end zone.

Lock took several sacks while playing with the No. 3 offense vs the No. 3 defense, but he made some throws that really wowed, two specificall:; a 23-yard sidewinder missile and a 14-yard touchdown laser, both to walk-on Oke Ashuke, who was nearly decapitated by TJ Warren after one catch.

Marvin Zanders also earned five reps vs. the No. 1 defense, and while he didn't have nearly as impressive a day throwing, he continues to impress with his ability running the zone-read -- a play he runs better than any other quarterback. In fact, Zanders led all runners with seven runs for 62 net yards; one 32-yard run came against the No. 3 defense when they bit hard on the inside handoff and dog-piled Ryan Williams while Zanders was running up the left sideline with the ball.

Eddie Printz managed to overcome a slow start when he found Emanuel Hall, Ian Simon draped all over him, down the middle of the field for 52 yards. Then he hit Thomas Richard, finally healthy, in the right flat; Richard muscled into the end zone. It was this score at the end of the last two-minute drill that won the scrimmage for Mizzou's offense.

Corbin Berkstresser even got in on the action, finding Jacob Brents, perhaps the most targeted receiver of the scrimmage, down the middle of the defense for 55 yards and a touchdown.

A few observations:

Mizzou's passing attack absolutely benefits from playing up-tempo, particularly after a big play. We're only seeing it after big passing plays, but Mauk spoke about it after the scrimmage, "That’s the thing about our offense: When we’re playing a fast tempo, getting guys in space, not letting the defense do all their adjustments and get into their blitzes. That’s when we’re at our best."

The headliner may still be Mauk, but the quarterback battle is tough. Printz is all-around solid and often overlooked, Marvin Zanders can run the dang ball and has natural ability in the zone-read offense, and Drew Lock is showing remarkable mental and physical maturity.

After today's scrimmage, Mauk credited the team's psychologist, Jim Reardon, for the offense's performance:

"I think that got into some guys about how to think and how to stay focused and have confidence in yourself. The guys came out today and were in the right spots. They were running the right routes. They were catching the ball. The offensive line was protecting. We were making throws. If you do that, there’s nobody that can stop you. Today was our best day."

Typically, you want the defense to win the first scrimmage, the offense to win the second and the third to be very close. Mizzou has zero interceptions and 527 yards of offense just through the air. I expect Barry Odom to affect a significant changes for the final scrimmage.


Running Backs

Ish Witter: 4-22, 2 TD, receiving 1-7

Russell Hansbrough: 6-20, receiving 3-18

Marquise Doherty: 6-14, TD, receiving 1-0

Chase Abbington: 4-9, receiving 1-4

Morgan Steward: 5-7, receiving 4-10

Tyler Hunt: 5-6,

Ryan Williams: 6-1, receiving 1-6

Ish Witter looks very capable as Russell Hansbrough's backup, and until Mizzou can not run the ball against a team, I remain unconcerned about the current state of the running game. Tyler Hunt is better running downfield than he is trying to run wide; he's very physical and can power or spin through tackles in a way that reminds me of Mike Alstott.

Chase Abbington still hasn't found his groove running downhill, and when he bounces it outside he's being swarmed by the defense. Marquise Doherty is developing a connection with Drew Lock and a knack for scoring touchdowns. It felt like Morgan Steward didn't get many opportunities, and I think that was partially intentional as the coaches wanted to get other guys reps. So I'm not stressing about his lack of production here. Ryan Williams had several carries and only one yard rushing -- this is as much on his offensive line as him.

Speaking of the offensive line: Nate Crawford has the right tackle position basically locked up, which is amazing considering he had surgery to fix two herniated discs in his lower back on June 8 (side note: I had essentially the same surgery on June 6 -- I can't imagine playing offensive line two months later).

A.J. Ricker might not be satisfied with left guards Taylor Chappell or Brad McNulty, as he said after the scrimmage that backup center Alec Abeln is in the conversation for the starting left guard position. Left tackle Connor McGovern had a hold early in this second scrimmage but was otherwise strong, and right guard Mitch Hall seems even more entrenched after today.

Malik Cuellar had a rough day at right tackle with a few false starts.

Receivers and Tight Ends

DeSean Blair: 5-66

Jake Brents: 4-80, TD

Emanuel Hall: 4-75

Oke Akushe: 3-51, TD

Kendall Blanton: 3-32

Justin Smith: 2-59

Thomas Richard: 2-48, TD

Ray Wingo: 2-21, TD

Nate Brown: 2-15, TD

Sean Culkin: 2-11

Jason Reese: 2-11

Wesley Leftwich: 1-13

J'Mon Moore was held out of today's scrimmage due to his left shoulder injury. Eric Laurent was out again with a viral illness, Johnathan Johnson has a severely sprained right ankle.

DeSean Blair, back in the starting X-receiver spot due to J'Mon Moore's absence, had a solid performance, but I think if Moore is healthy it's his to lose. Wesley Leftwich only had the one reception for 13 yards and was mostly absent from the scrimmage; afterwards Gary Pinkel informed us that he'd strained his knee but he thinks it'll be fine.

Emanuel Hall, now the No. 2 X-receiver, had a big day as well and looks like he can contribute as a freshman. Redshirt freshman Thomas Richard ("re-SHARD"), the No. 2 slot receiver behind Nate Brown, can be another play-maker.

Walk-on sophomore Oke Akushe had a big day, catching a touchdown pass from Drew Lock and earning some name recognition from the media.

Justin Smith is another receiver who is forcing his name into the "what freshmen could contribute in 2015?" conversation. He's just so big -- throw the ball near him, and he catches it. A great safety blanket for any QB.

This is the second scrimmage where Jason Reese has earned the start over Sean Culkin. We learned that Reese and Culkin have begun calling themselves "1080p" because "everything we do is in HD, baby." Reese said, "we can pretty much do the same thing ...we want to be as versatile as we can so Josh Henson has no choice but to put us both on the field at the same time."

"Sometimes, I may be more attached," Culkin said. "He might be more of an H-back, off-the-ball wing-type. But we can kind of vary. He can be attached, and I can be in the slot. We move each other around.

"We have a lot of formations that involve us that we haven't put in yet."

Get. Hyped.


Cam Hilton: 7 tackles

Donavin Newsom: 7 tackles, 0.5 TFL, QB hurry

Kenya Dennis: 6 tackles

Terez Hall: 5 tackles

Ronnell Perkins: 5 tackles

Kentrell Brothers: 5 tackles, 2 TFL

Terry Beckner Jr.: 4 tackles

Tyrell Jacobs: 4 tackles, TFL, sack

Logan Cheadle: 4 tackles

Thomas Wilson: 4 tackles, QB hurry

Charles Harris: 4 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 2 sacks, QB hurry

Nate Howard: 4 tackles

Clarence Green: 4 tackles

Justin Grava: 3 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 sacks

Grant Jones: 3 tackles, TFL, safety

Aarion Penton: 3 tackles

Josh Augusta: 3 tackles

Rocel McWilliams: 3 tackles, TFL, sack

Joey Burkett: 3 tackles

Adam Roland: 2 tackles, TFL, sack

Franklin Agbasimere: 2 tackles, TFL

TJ Warren: 2 tackles

Tavon Ross: 2 tackles, TFL

Marcell Frazier: 2 tackles

Ian Simon: 2 tackles

Michael Scherer: 2 tackles, TFL

Eddie Serrano: 2 tackles, TFL, sack

Eric Beisel: 2 tackles, TFL

Rickey Hatley: 2 tackles, TFL, sack

Spencer Williams:  2 tackles

Walter Brady: 2 tackles, QB hurry

Cortland Browning: 2 tackles

Jacob Trump: 2 tackles

Zane Jacoby: tackle

A.J. Logan: tackle

Brandon Lee: tackle

DeAndre McKenzie: tackle

Ferrod Gardner: tackle

John Gibson: tackle

Finis Stribling: tackle

Ed Cruz: tackle

Tyler Hanneke: tackle

It's difficult enough to keep track of everything going on offense, particularly without film to review. Instead of trying to #talkabout each defender or position, I'll refer you to the (updated and unofficial) depth chart above and then say that some things are coming into focus.

Barry Odom is going to trust Donavin Newsom and Clarence Green and keep them on the field on third downs, move Aarion Penton around, probably to cover the slot receiver and disguise his defense a bunch. Mizzou isn't abandoning the 4-3 any time soon, but they'll have interesting personnel groupings and occasionally line up with five guys on the line of scrimmage to confuse the offense about who's rushing -- and that might mean only two down linemen are actually rushing.

Terez Hall and Cam Hilton both saw time on the first-team kickoff coverage unit, as strong an indicator as there is that they'll play as freshmen.

I want to add that I overheard one coach after the scrimmage was over: "That's the first time the offense beat the defense in what, seven years?"


Luke Jackson: 1-2 (Made: 41; Missed: 26)

Andrew Baggett was out again with back spasms and Nick Coffman has a groin strain.

Our kicker's heads are falling off!