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No. 9 Mizzou Gymnastics grabs another road W, and most importantly, another 197 score

The Tigers take Denton and come away with more season-bests and another fantastic floor rotation

Cal Tobias/Rock M Nation

On Saturday, the no. 9 Missouri Tigers ventured into the Great (?) State of Texas to take on Texas Woman’s University for a primetime matchup. Since it was only available on Pay-per-view, I did my gym fan duty of trying to take copius notes and videos to share with you all.

Let’s recap.

Rotation One— MIZ Bars | TWU Vault

As Shannon promised, some changes were made to the bars rotation for this week as the staff works out who will be a part of the best possible lineup. Given a rest this week was Jocelyn Moore, fresh off her 9.875 from last week, and in her place, Alonna Kratzer, who exhibitioned bars at the Mizzou Invite.

Kyra Burns led off with a season-high tying 9.825, and her performance is below.

The aforementioned AK followed it up with a 9.725. Of note on that one, while she took a little step on the dismount, I have no idea how one judge scored her a 9.60 while the other gave her a 9.85. Were they watching the same routine?

Amaya Marshall was up next, and much like the high-flying Icarus, flew a bit too close to the sun (or ceiling) and scared us all half to death when she missed the bar on her release from the high bar and landed face-down on the mat. Luckily, after taking a minute or two to regain her composure, Maya restarted the routine from the beginning and landed the move perfectly the second time around. The redo as a whole was pretty flawless except for a small step on the landing, though thankfully Mizzou was able to drop her 9.275.

Hollyn Patrick’s score also featured a rather large difference in scores, with one judge giving her a 9.70 and one awarding her a 9.85, earning her an average of 9.775. To wrap up the bars rotation, Sienna Schreiber posted a solid 9.85 with just a little hop on the dismount before Mara Titarsolej stuck the landing with her 9.925, which also would end up being the top score of the night. The Tigers’ 49.10 is actually their second-lowest score of the season, behind only the (also) weirdly scored Alabama meet.

As for the Pioneers’ side, they started on vault and earned three scores in the 9.70-range, led by Holland’s 9.775, to go with a 9.60 and a 9.55 (which was dropped).

After one rotation, Mizzou is up 0.55, 49.10 to 48.55

Rotation Two— MIZ Vault | TWU Bars

Changes in the rotation were afoot in this one too, as Rayna Light was given the night off in favor of JJ Jachna, who finally made her official bars debut (she’s done EXH twice). My overall takeaway on this event was that Shannon clearly had a conversation with the ladies about the importance of sticking their landings, because WOW! They really fought for them. Some perhaps to their own scoring detriment in other areas, but a stick is a stick is a stick.

First of the stick-fighters was Sienna, who scored a 9.775, while Grace Anne Davis was awarded just a 9.65 for her valiant sticking effort (she actually had a small hop and landed kinda pike-y). The camera didn’t even flash to JJ’s vault, so I have no idea what her 9.775 looked like. After Jachna came two super solid 9.875 scores from Amari Celestine and Hannah Horton before Jocelyn anchored with a surprisingly low 9.775.

A 49.075 was the final rotation score in this one, and marked their lowest score of the season by almost 2/10ths. The culprit on this? The lack of sticks, for one, but as for the other deductions, I’m just not sure and will have to ask Shannon this coming week.

The Pioneers showed their skills on bars in the second rotation, and did manage a trio of 9.80+ scores, which is phenomenal for them. Holland once again led the pack, this time with a 9.825, and both x Bawns and Brooke

After two rotations, Mizzou extends its lead to 0.950, 98.175 to 97.225

Rotation Three— MIZ Floor | TWU Beam

The Fab Floor was back with the same rotation as LSU, and they had another incredible performance, resulting in a 49.500 score (their second-highest of the season). Sienna got things started with an unbelievable career-high 9.925, and Rayna followed with a 9.80. H-squared worked yet another 9.90, which she has scored in the last 23 of meets. Here’s her performance below.

After Hannah’s 9.90, Amari followed with an uncharacteristically low 9.775 — she was a little short on her last pass but I thought played it off well — before Kennedy killed it with yet another 9.9+, her third consecutive one, with her 9.925. And then came the anchor, Joci, who shined. Watch her performance below:

As for the Pioneers, they achieved their season high on the beam with a 48.875, led by their anchor Madeline Gose, who earned a 9.825 with her stuck landing, and strong 9.775s by Daisy Woodring and Sophie Hernandez.

After three rotations, Mizzou extends its lead to 1.575, 147.675 to 146.10.

Rotation Four— MIZ Beam | TWU Floor

Looking to rebound from last week’s whoopsies, the Tigers came out fighting with a new lineup, led by Amari in the leadoff role, earning a great 9.825. Mara, making her return to beam, and Rayna both earned a 9.775 before Sydney Schaffer turned around last week’s performance with an awesome 9.85. Then came the jaw-droppers, GAD (video below), earning a career-best 9.925, and Sienna, once again tying her career-best with a 9.975. What a difference a week makes, Si!

All this added up to a 49.35 rotation score, which is their second-highest of the season.

As for the Pioneers, they saved their best score for last, earning a tying program high with their 49.325. TWU was led by Daisy Woodring, who tied with Joci with her 9.95, x Horn with her 9.90, and a trio of 9.825s by Emily Six (a career-high), Gose and Steelie King, who performed on FX for the first time.

After four rotations, Mizzou takes the W by 1.55, 197.075 to 195.475.


  • Sienna Schreiber had a PHENOMENAL meet, tying her season high in the all-around with a 39.525, and was barely off her career-best, 39.600. Her 9.85 bars was second highest of the rotation, as was her vault (9.775), and then she shined on the last two rotations, earning her best ever score to lead off FX, and that near-perfect 9.975 to anchor beam, just a week after a fall. Just a really good meet for the super senior.

Final Thoughts

The Tigers had a good meet, and added yet another 197 score to their resume, which is so awesome. I have mentioned this previously, but it took til mid-February for Mizzou to score a 197 last season, and this season they already have 4 to their name. The climb isn’t over, however. There is still noticeable room for improvement, as - for one - there weren’t a ton of true sticks, and while the Tigers were clearly fighting to get those landings, they’ll have to, as Shannon Welker has said repeatedly, get there in order to get where they want in the postseason. These Tigers have high hopes, and they’re just getting started.

Rankings update: After three teams hit 198s on Sunday and another hit a high 197, Mizzou has slid down to no. 12 in the new rankings. They are no. 6 on Floor (+1 from last week), 9th on Vault (-4), 14th on Beam (-1) and 15th on Bars (+2).

UP NEXT: Mizzou continues their road trip with a trip to Lexington to take on no. 5 Kentucky, who is coming a win and 197.600 at Alabama.