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Mizzou History

Comparing Mizzou’s Incoming Freshman RBs to Past Tiger Stars

How Mizzou’s new running backs stack up with some of the best to don the black and gold

Team Texas Specialist: Marcus Murphy

The DeSoto, TX native was a jack of all trades in his time at Mizzou, but was a threat to take it to the house at any moment.

Team USA Specialist: Jeff Wolfert

He arrived at Mizzou as a diver and left as the highest scoring player in the football program’s history.

Team USA Linebacker: Kentrell Brothers

What Brothers lacked in measurables, he more than made up for in preparation.

Team Missouri Defensive Lineman: Justin Smith

Justin Smith was the start of what has since become known as "D-Line Zou." Respect your elders.

Team USA Defensive Lineman: Shane Ray

A major part of the back-to-back SEC East titles, Ray may have been the most dominant force of the D-Line Zou era.

Team Texas Offensive Lineman: Mitch Morse

Mitch Morse was an iron man for two of the most successful Mizzou offensive lines of the past 20 years.

Team Texas Tight End: Michael Egnew

Michael Egnew’s 2010 season was as consistent as they come.

Team Missouri Running Back: Tony Temple

The Rockhurst product was never the feature player in Mizzou’s potent offense... and he was all the better for it.

Best Mizzou Duos: An Underrated Pair

A couple of Texas RBs left their mark at Mizzou by helping lead the 2014 team to a division title

Best Mizzou Duos: James Franklin & Maty Mauk took Tigers fans on a magical ride in 2013

Mizzou’s best season in the SEC could have gone off the rails if not for a successful month of starts from Maty Mauk.

Best Mizzou Duos: Shane Ray and Markus Golden dominate the SEC

Mizzou’s had its fair share of special pass rushers over the year, but never has there been a Tigers pass rushing duo more dominant than Golden and Ray.


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If you’ve been looking for a chance to pick up a vintage tee or two, now’s a good time.

Who’s the scariest player Mizzou ever faced?

Happy Halloween, Mizzou fans! What’s the most scared you’ve ever been watching someone play the Tigers?

Connor Bazelak’s debut performance against a Power 5 team was historic

Want some more context for how good the Tiger QB was against LSU? Just look back at Mizzou history.

20 for 20: #4 - Mizzou outlasts Oklahoma State to cap magical 2013 season

After nearly fighting its way to a National Championship berth, Mizzou traded haymakers with Okie State in the 2014 Cotton Bowl.

Good luck finding another Mizzou offensive line like 2013

Stacked with a potent mixture of talent, experience, and chemistry, the 2013 offensive line was a gift that we should all appreciate.

20 for 20: #19 - No offense necessary

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense (and special teams.)

Melvin Booker reflects on Mizzou’s most memorable season

The 1993-94 Tigers were, as the Mizzou Athletics documentary put it, PERFECTION.

Rock M Nation $15 Game

One of the internet’s most famous games has found its home at Rock M Nation...

Florida Man! The history of Missouri football players from the Sunshine State

Ever wondered how bad Florida recruiting has been for Missouri? Well...let’s find out.

Three Mizzou sports moments that made us cry

Mizzou sports and tears. Feels like a match made in heaven (or maybe hell), right?

The Mizzou Football Underdog Hall of Fame

Mizzou has been a haven for underdogs to thrive over the years. Which 21st century football stars rank among the best underdog stories?

What If... Diamond sports had not been canceled?

Steve Bieser and Larissa Anderson talk about the shortened seasons and what’s to come in their MIZ-ZOOM double header

What if... Michael Dixon was a member of the 2012-13 Basketball team?

The Frank Haith era started with a bang, and year two was set up to be another huge season. But they were missing one piece.

What If... Michael Porter Jr. never got hurt?

The story of Michael Porter’s injury has been told and re-told in the three years since. But what if it never happened?

What If...Jeremy Maclin Hadn't Injured His Knee in 2006?

A look at what would have happened to the fortunes of the Missouri Tigers had Jeremy Maclin not missed the 2006 season to a knee injury.

What If...Kelly Thames Didn't Tear Up His Knee?

Exploring the potential of what might have been a historic career, when Kelly Thames went down while running sprints before his sophomore season.

What If...Pig Brown Had Caught That Ball at Oklahoma?

Exploring the possibilities in the 2007 season, where a close lose to Oklahoma on the road slightly derailed a miraculous season.

This stream has:

The Missouri Tigers Legends Draft

Nate and BK each draft a team of historical football Tigers and you, YES YOU, get front row seats to the picks and the logic.

Top Moments of the 2010s: Defense, Marcus Murphy lead a crazy win at The Swamp

The 2014 Tigers needed a pick me up, and they got one — albeit in one of the strangest games a Missouri football team has ever played.


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