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Justin Britt builds a family and a legacy

New Rock M feature writer Tim Worstell's debut piece focuses on former starting tackle Justin Britt.

Tim Worstell

Family is of massive importance to Justin Britt, who sees it as not only a major element of his life, but the driving aspect and his motivating factor to succeed.

In a brief interview, Britt touched on his primary goal. "My main goal with the platform that I’ve been given is to provide for my family and have my daughter be able to provide for her daughter."

It’s this family aspect that Britt has been raised with, which he credits to his parents, his friends and high school coaches. Since Mizzou is a program where centering yourself on family can be how you carry yourself day-to-day, it’s no wonder Britt found the level of success he has his first year in the league.

A man who lives his life according to the Faith he’s been taught, Britt has Scripture tattooed on his chest from 1Corinthians 9:24: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.

"It means a lot to me because in football terms, everybody practices," Britt said of the verse. "Everybody’s doing what they need to do in the weight room or in the classroom to win a championship. But no one’s going to separate you from the others; are you going to do more to be better than your competition? So I took that and ran with it in football and wrestling. And life."

Justin recalled how he had gotten the passage and its significance at that time.

"One of my friends in high school wrote it down on a paper and gave to me to read on a bus on the way to one of our football games. I opened the paper and saw it, and I always had my Bible on me so I went to that verse and read it. I think it might have been the first playoff game that we had in like 15 years. I read it right before that game and we won."

A lot of Britt’s heart and focus is still back in his home town of Lebanon. The town has grown a lot from when he knew it growing up, but it’s still Lebanon. Perhaps that’s why Britt has the motivation to give back to his community there. Or perhaps it’s more a part of his general being. Regardless, Britt plans to set up football camps in Missouri, with the first location in Lebanon on June 27, 2015. For more information and to sign up just visit his website,

"I just feel like I need to give back to the community because being the first person [from Lebanon] who made it to the NFL, it would be wrong not to set an example for people who made it as far as I did," Britt said of his planned football camp in Lebanon.

Britt did drop a little foreshadowing of excitement to his camp, saying that there would be a special guest motivational speaker. "We’ll keep that a surprise," Britt said with a smile.

Justin Britt is a strong family man who attempts to lead by example, an example of what trying to win that race can look like when you’re doing things the right way. That's something you may see coming from the Britt family, and out of Lebanon, for some time to come.