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#MizzouMade returns with Shane Ray's scoop-and-score

How did your favorite Mizzou players fare on Sundays in week 2 of NFL play? In this edition, learn about the updated status of Mizzou players stashed on practice squads, updated injury news for Jacquies Smith and EJ Gaines, the return of Sheldon Richardson, and how the #MizzouCenters' offensive lines are holding up.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to your RMN nearly-weekly column on #MizzouMade players who are now getting paid! In this inaugural column of the season, we look at week 2. Due to time constraints, I am including only basic information this week. Hopefully in future weeks, I'll be including more links and quotes to give the discerning readers among you something more to digest. Additionally, I'm hoping to get some info on Mizzou players in Canada very soon. For this week, however, on with the show.

News in Brief

Since the start of the season, a lot has happened for many of our Mizzou alums:

  • Chase Daniel briefly became the favorite to start for Philadelphia after they traded Sam Bradford to Minnesota, but then 2016 #2 overall pick Carson Wentz was tabbed and has won his first two games. Chase continues to rock a mean clipboard.
  • Marcus Lucas put on a good enough show in preseason play to make the practice squad as a TE for Seattle.
  • Russell Hansbrough put on a good enough show in preseason play to make the practice squad for Tampa Bay. For a week. Then he was cut and is currently on the outside looking in.
  • Jacquies Smith was injured in week 1 and put on IR. He will be out for the season - a very disappointing result for him as tried to prove his quality play in 2015 was not a fluke.
  • Zaviar Gooden was cut in training camp, but resurfaced this week on the Lions' practice squad.
  • Chase Coffman and William Moore remain unsigned but neither has announced a retirement. Both could become factors later in the season as injuries mount.


Barnes, Tim 
3 sacks allowed by OL, 25 rushes for 64 yards (2.6) by team
Boehm, Evan
no stats (5 snaps, 3 off./2 ST)
Brinkley, Beau just long snappin'
Britt, Justin 
2 sacks allowed by OL, 24 rushes for 67 yards (2.8) by team
Brothers, Kentrell 
inactive on game day
Daniel, Chase 
no stats (no snaps)
Ealy, Kony    
4 tackles, 1 QB hit
Gabbert, Blaine  
17/36, 243, 2 TD, 2 INT, 3 rushes for 10 yards, 1 TD
Gachkar, Andrew 
2 tackles
Gaines, E.J. inactive on game day (hamstring/thigh injuries)
Golden, Markus
2 tackles, 1 sack, 1 QB hit
Hood, Ziggy     
1 tackle
Maclin, Jeremy      
McGovern, Connor inactive on game day
Morse, Mitch    
4 sacks allowed by OL, 19 rushes for 119 yards (6.3) by team
Murphy, Marcus inactive on game day
Ray, Shane 1 tackle, 1 QB hit, fumble recovery for TD
Richardson, Sheldon 4 tackles
Smith, Aldon  
Smith, Jacquies
IR (knee)
Weatherspoon, Sean

9 tackles