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Charles Harris is impressing Ndamukong Suh in Miami. Worlds collide!

Ndamukong Suh baaaaaaad. Ndamukong Suh .... good?

Harris-DF-UConn Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

Former Nebraska All-American defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh made quite an impression back in 2009, when he virtually single-handedly led the Huskers to a 27-12 win over Mizzou in a driving Thursday night rainstorm.

The official box score says he was credited with 5.5 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, an interception, and a pass breakup, and somehow that undersells it. He nearly made countless other plays, he occupied double- and sometimes triple-teams, and on one occasion, he caught Mizzou quarterback Blaine Gabbert and basically folded him backwards, injuring Gabbert’s ankle in the process.

Gabbert’s gimpy ankle became a major plot point in the weeks that followed; Mizzou didn’t really have a scholarship backup, and his accuracy left him in a 33-17 loss to Oklahoma State and a woeful 41-7 Homecoming loss to Texas. The Suh-related bitterness was high among Mizzou fans.

With that as the background, it was almost jarring to read this Palm Beach Post piece on Charles Harris’ progress and see who was providing him with affirmation.

“Charles, in my opinion, is a very focused kid,” defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh said this week. “I’m very excited about his approach to the game. Very detail-oriented. Obviously takes coaching very, very well. Implements it very quickly, as you coach him up, in games.

“Obviously, he’s been running with the ones and getting a lot of play time in our package that we like run, in regards to pass rush. He’s had a lot of good things, in my opinion, but everybody’s got a lot of work to do. We’ve got a long way ahead of ourselves.”

Sometimes worlds collide in pretty funny ways.