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Is Drew Lock the next Blaine Gabbert? Talking Mizzou in the NFL with Eric Edholm

This week Zoulogy discusses Missouri Tigers in the NFL with Eric Edholm

Missouri Tigers in the NFL with Eric Edholm

Our guest on this week’s episode of Zoulogy is NFL writer for Pro Football Weekly Eric Edholm, he has already made an appearance on the Rock M Radio family of podcasts, driving the ‘Mizzou Memory Lane’ with Sam Snelling.


3:00—Best NFL product to ever come out of Mizzou? Who should have been better?
7:30—Any first-rounder players on this Missouri football roster?
8:40—Covering the NFL while being a college fan
13:30—Is Drew Lock a potential NFL quarterback?
19:50—Which college QBs should we be comparing Lock to?
22:20—Have Aldon Smith and Sheldon Richardson made the league leery of Mizzou?
25:20—Where do you see Markus Golden’s career trending?
28:00—D Line Zou, Josh Augusta, Kony Ealy and the New England Patriots
32:50—Why do you think the NFL seems more lenient with its media policies?
38:05—Talking Roger Wehrli and the origin of “Shutdown Corner”
42:18—Do you like it better when Mizzou is better on offense or better on defense?
45:20—On Justin Britt standing with Michael Bennett during his national anthem protest

Since we weren’t able to get to it, Eric wanted us to make sure we noted that he has Mississippi State’s Nick Fitzgerald as a sleeper prospect and Jarrett Stidham is the best QB in the SEC.

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