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Gary Pinkel on Maty Mauk suspension, Florida week press conference

Quotes and comments from Monday's Mizzou press conference

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As we told you earlier today, Maty Mauk will remain suspended for the Florida game and potentially further. Gary Pinkel always talks to the media on Mondays and Chad Moller told us the Mauk suspension would be addressed so we followed along. Mizzou released the week's depth chart at 3:01 pm just before the press conference and as expected Malik Cuellar returned from his suspension.

Gary Pinkel on Maty Mauk's status:

He's indefinitely suspended and when he returns, that release that you have in front of you, his name will be in it.  That's when he'll be back.

On a timetable for Maty Mauk's return:

Like I just said a moment ago, his name will be on that sheet there on the Monday that he is back.

On if coach Pinkel spoke to Mauk today:

I don't discuss personal things.  I have an agreement with my players.  I protect them like my son, so I don't ever talk about disciplinary issues ever.  That's something that they trust in me and I trust in them.

Gary Pinkel on Drew Lock's performance in his first start

Well, I think any quarterback earns trust. I think the situation of the game, you take that into consideration.  You take into consideration the down and distance.  You take into consideration the score.  We had the ball, I think, on the ten, two, and five yard lines in three of the five or six drives we had in the second half with a lead.  I thought we were pretty smart how we handled that.  I thought he did a lot of good things.  There's a lot of little things he has got to improve on, which is consistent with any time you have a young quarterback, but certainly he did good things.  He can get a whole lot better, and we're excited about that.

On what things Lock must improve on…

I don't want to critique him in front of you guys, that's what I do with him.  He's just got a lot of little things he needs to do, just quarterbacking things.  I always tell quarterbacks: the quarterback-center exchange, the quarterback-running back exchange, the 40 second clock, don't take sacks or do everything you can not to take sacks, the down and distance, the field position, where your reads are, your keys. There's so many multiple things that a quarterback has to think about and he instinctively has to do it.  He's smart and he's doing a good job, but the more he plays the more he's going to get it.  We anticipate this, but he's doing a really, really good job.

On which quarterback would step in if Lock were injured against South Carolina…

We'd have played both, that's the plan.  That was the plan for that game.  We would have played both of our backups, Eddie [Printz] and Marvin [Zanders], and we'll make that decision Thursday for this week.

Gary Pinkel was asked about DT Harold Brantley's health:

(he) is on track to return next year, only  had one knee surgery and will be released to upper body weight lifting soon.

Listen to Gary Pinkel's entire comments:

Listen to Drew Lock:

Listen to Evan Boehm: