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Bundle up and load up on Kleenexes. It's almost time for Gary Pinkel's last Senior Night.

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Derrick Forsythe / Rock M Nation

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

1 day to Tennessee.

Your list of Senior Night honorees:

Andrew Baggett
Corbin Berkstresser
Evan Boehm
Kentrell Brothers
Cortland Browning
Taylor Chappell
Kenya Dennis
Clayton Echard
Clarence Green
Mitch Hall
Russell Hansbrough
Jordan Hill
Tyler Hunt
Wesley Leftwich
Connor McGovern
DeAndre McKenzie
Brad McNulty
Nick Monaghan
Ian Simon
Andrew Stevens
Trei Walton

The Trib: Pinkel not allowing himself to get caught in emotions of final home game

"I refuse to think about it," Pinkel said on the weekly Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference Wednesday. "I'm just not. Obviously what I care about is winning this football game and playing well. If my emotions run away with me, I'm going to have to use the mental toughness techniques that I teach my players to get myself focused.

"We have 21 seniors that, certainly, they've invested their life in Mizzou football and getting their education. That's where, really, my thoughts go first. Certainly before me."

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Boehm set to make history

For Boehm, who plays his final home game Saturday against Tennessee (6-4, 3-3), a season he never envisioned finally delivered something to celebrate. [...]

"I don’t know that he should have played, honestly," offensive line coach A.J. Ricker said. "He battled through it. You weren’t going to tell Evan he wasn’t going to play."

After watching Boehm shuffle around on his bad leg at Arkansas State, Royce made a suggestion.

"I said, ‘You know what, Evan’ – and I probably shouldn’t have said it — ‘don’t chase the record. Take care of your ankle,’" Royce recalled. "I tell you what, that was the wrong thing to say to him. He was like, ‘I’m going to prove your (rear) wrong.’ The kid sucked it up and played through the pain."

PowerMizzou: Opposing View: Tennessee

PM: Finally, if you were Missouri's DC, how would you defend the Vols?

PF: When Tennessee has the ball, it's all about stopping the run and keeping Dobbs bottled up. And, I wouldn't be afraid to send eight guys routinely. This is where Tennessee struggles because they haven't consistently beaten people with deep balls or even on slants, etc. I would make Tennessee pass it to beat me.

So KOMU is now saying that it's going to be around 32 degrees at kickoff. Yikes. Hoodies and kleenexes will both be requirements.

Oh, BTW Mizzou Athletics Reminds Fans of Memorial Stadium Security Procedures

Mizzou Tigers pennant It's been 7 days since Pinkel's announcement

Do we have a coach yet?

The Trib: Rhoades keeps an open mind when it comes to replacing Pinkel

The Trib (David Morrison): Thursday Thinkpiece: Who will be MU's Next Coach?

The Trib: Rhoades has ace in the hole in search

If Rhoades could get either of those two, who could blame him? If not, before scouring the Mid-American Conference or wherever else for the next Pinkel, he should look at the guy hand-picked by Pinkel.

Rhoades wouldn’t be fighting off any other Power 5 conference athletic directors for Odom. He has never been a college head coach, but he probably will be next year. His work as a defensive coordinator this season speaks for itself. Some great coordinators are savants in their little corner of the football world but don’t have the administrative skills to succeed as a head coach. I think Odom is the opposite of that. He is organized and driven.


Mizzou Tigers pennant #TigerStyle is back @MizzouWrestling Opens Season at SIUE Friday

Mizzou Tigers pennant *splash* @MizzouSwimDive Heads to Tennessee for Three-Day Tennessee Invite

The Trib: After suspension of WKU program, German swimmers find footing at Missouri