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If Missouri really is down to Barry Odom and Matt Rhule, timing could get awkward this week

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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You know, because this is a half-Temple blog at the moment...

The timing of everything that comes this week will be somewhere between interesting and terrifying. To anyone who's been paying attention, it's pretty clear that the current top two candidates for the Missouri job are Temple's Matt Rhule and Barry Odom. Memphis did Mizzou a favor by evidently not immediately offering Justin Fuente's open job to Odom without a search, but there's still a chance that Odom gets offered quite soon. And at that point, if Odom thinks Rhule's getting the job, he'll probably accept.

Meanwhile ... Rhule's got a game to coach on Saturday, and it's immensely big for the Temple program. If the Owls beat Houston, they'll likely earn the Group of 5's major bowl slot, likely a bid in the Fiesta Bowl with someone like Notre Dame (rematch!). With Temple trying to get an on-campus stadium built, this would help the coffers immensely.

So there's a chance the following scenario plays out:

1. Monday-Tuesday: Odom reads the signs and takes the Memphis job.

2. Wednesday-Saturday: Mack Rhoades thinks he's got things lined up with Rhule, but there's basically radio silence while Rhule prepares to coach one more game for Temple and Mizzou fans lose their damn minds.

Within that four-day (or so) window, Temple boosters and administrators will likely have time to craft an awfully attractive bid for Rhule, all the while appealing to the fact that he and his wife like Philadelphia, and that he could be a part of the stadium-building process, etc. Mizzou can outbid Temple, obviously, but Temple can make an attractive bid and appeal to his sentimentality. And while I'd still be confident in saying that Rhule will come to Columbia if offered, silence is kryptonite for confidence.

Meanwhile, what appeared to be Rhoades' secondary options (the Matt Campbells and Dino Babers of the world) could continue to go off the market, one by one. There's obviously always a chance that Rhoades has had other names in mind from the start -- and for all we know, they're pretty good names -- but this could get pretty nerve-wracking.

So uh, it could be a pretty fun week! Go team!

[Note to self: Go ahead and start a "Just remember: Pete Carroll was like USC's eighth choice in 2001, so I guess we shouldn't freak out just yet" post for about Thursday or so, just in case.]


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It was disappointing that Mizzou couldn't quite eke out a hosting gig for the NCAA Tournament, but "Take on Missouri State, with the winner facing Kansas" is a pretty good consolation prize. Oh, and...


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