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Oh good, the Missouri legislature is butting into sports and getting facts hilariously wrong

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Stick to not-sports, legislators. (Actually, don't stick to that, either.)
Stick to not-sports, legislators. (Actually, don't stick to that, either.)
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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On


Why Necessary RoughnessBecause ... of Missouri house legislation, naturally.

Provides that any college athlete on scholarship who refuses to play for a reason unrelated to health shall have his or her scholarship revoked

State legislators are spiteful and have long memories.

Hey Andy Staples, what do you think about "the dumbest piece of college athletics legislation imaginable"?

So, to sum up, the passage of Brattin's bill could suppress free speech, cause Missouri to stink at football and cause the NCAA to lose its ability to enforce its amateurism rules. But other than that, it's a swell piece of legislation.

Post-Dispatch: Legislation targets Mizzou football team strike
Post-Dispatch (Ben Frederickson): Lawmakers seem lost on Mizzou boycott bill

"I co-sponsored the bill as a way of showing support for the idea of holding students responsible who are taking state dollars," Bahr also told the Missourian.

Forget for a moment the whole not seeming to understand the First Amendment thing.

Mizzou athletics scholarships are funded by private donations to the Tigers Scholarship Fund, not public money.

But, hey, don't worry about facts.

The Missouri state legislature, everybody!

Mizzou Tigers pennant Recruiting

Trevour Simms
PowerMizzou: Simms ready for challenge
The Trib (David Morrison): East St. Louis OL flips commitment from Illinois to Missouri
Post-Dispatch: East St. Louis' Simms flips pledge to Mizzou

Marvin Terry
PowerMizzou: Marvin Terry talks Mizzou commit

By the way, I enjoyed this piece from SBN's Bud Elliott: 'Dead period?' 'Quiet period?' Explaining the NCAA's football recruiting calendar.

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The Trib (David Morrison): AP names Brothers 1st-team All-SEC; Harris earns 2nd-team honors

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