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Mizzou's student athletes "acted out," says lawmaker who didn't talk to student athletes

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

This went up almost three weeks ago, but I don't recall seeing it. So maybe you don't either!

Meanwhile, you know what I haven't done in a while? Self-share!

Mizzou Tigers pennant More spiders and whatnot

Apologies for once again bringing up politics in this space. I know it rankles some people. But ... I mean ... this is Mizzou right now. This is one of the most pertinent issues facing the subject of this site. Yes, this is likely just an attention-getting stunt by a couple of politicians who represent large portions of "strip their scholarship!!" voters. That doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Mizzou went through upheaval last month, and it was obvious from the start that spiteful politicians (and every state has them) would attempt to capitalize on it. That's what spiteful politicians do. And now we see their first step in this regard. It's something I'm going to talk about. And while this community obviously encompasses all sorts of different views on the matter, I think the conversation has remained mostly civil during all of the past month and a half when the topic has come up, and I feel comfortable in saying it will remain that way. We're uncomfortable talking about this, maybe, but we're going to have to occasionally keep talking about it.

Bottom line (in my opinion): no matter what you felt about the November protests, Gary Pinkel's response to them, etc., that doesn't make this bill and its authors any less ridiculous. At best, this is a "two wrongs" situation. At worst, it is ... well ... lots of frustrated adjectives.

Anyway, representative Rick Brattin, one of the esteemed state representatives who created the house bill in question, went on KTGR yesterday. And he once again got basic facts wrong.

Dave Matter had some rather strong reactions.

The Trib: Bill would revoke scholarships of athletes who boycott games

The Trib (Joe Walljasper): Just what we don’t need — a political football

If Brattin and Bahr are making a serious attempt at legislating, they are misguided. If they are simply pandering to the worst instincts of their constituents, they should aim higher. And if they intend to solve a problem for the University of Missouri and its athletic department, they are doing just the opposite.

The Trib (David Morrison): 'Student-athletes,' employer-employee relationships and the proposed Brattin bill

David Ridpath: "I was just stunned that, as a veteran and a congressman in a leadership position, it was not a smart move to do. I just found it one of the more ridiculous thing, that you’d actually take away a school reward -- because that’s what it is. It’s supposed to be about education -- and you’re essentially saying ‘you’re an employee and, if you don’t do what we say, we’re going to take away your pay.’ Congratulations to this buffoon. He has now just, again, put another nail in the ‘student-athlete’ coffin by trying to do this. I would really hope that the assembly at Missouri would get rid of this bill as quickly as it can. It’s absolutely silly. It won’t pass constitutional muster. He has done much more to embarrass Missouri the past 24 hours than anything that has happened before, in my view."

One point I should make as it per David Morrison's interview with David Ridpath (an Ohio University professor with expertise in this area) above: Ridpath notes that technically scholarship money is indeed "state money." In talking about Brattin's factual errors yesterday, I was assuming that any reference Brattin makes to state money or similar terms is in reference to the "taxpayer money!!" phrase politicians from both parties throw around nonstop. I'm still under the assumption that that's what he meant. But there's a chance he meant the other thing.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Two new recruiting names to note

Somehow we're still waiting on assistant coach news; meanwhile, a couple of intriguing new recruit names popped up yesterday.


Javon Wims, a JUCO WR, is a high-three-star target per Rivals and a low-four-star per 247; Nick Starkel is a high-three-star per Rivals and a mid-three per 247.

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