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Missouri football recruiting: National Signing Day 2015 recap

Recapping the major story-lines of a momentous day for Mizzou football.

Mizzou Tigers pennant
What's On

Just click play on this Mizzou Network playlist and let Gary Pinkel and the rest of the staff take your through the day:

You can also check out Sam and Jack on Rock M Radio with guest Pete Scantlebury from PowerMizzou talking about National Signing Day and 'crootin.

Mizzou Tigers pennant
Terry Beckner Jr

More than a few folks tuned in to watch Terry Beckner Jr's decision yesterday. He didn't say a whole lot, but what he said, and the way he said it, was emotional and awesome.

Neat pennant Terry, we should bring those back

Leading up to signing day, there had been some rumors about Beckner qualifying, but Cornell Ford addressed that simply by saying "It's nothing we're worried about."

Also, there was a lot of smoke surrounding Mizzou's competition for Beckner's LOI, it turns out that of Ohio State, Florida State and Auburn, it was the latter that came closest to sniping him. Turns out when Dave Steckel left for Missouri State it gave Beckner "pause" but the Craig Kuligowski rumors were the closest he came to wavering about Mizzou.

On a sidenote, Coach Kul (kind of) responded to the media about his interest in Illinois

Mizzou Tigers pennant
#DLineZou reaches critical mass

David Morrison caught this fun note from Terry Beckner Jr.'s Mother in his article on the announcement:

Jermaya White-Beckner

Where did you get those #DLineZou T-shirts? "We were at a restaurant (Shiloh) and a couple people gave them to us. I love T-shirts, so that was right on top for me."

The lesson being, make more sweet shirts Mizzou fans, and give them to everyone.