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Mizzou Links: Williams isn't 100% certain, and transfers are big decisions

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Johnathan Williams III is looking for his Mizzou release but "might not necessarily take it," Thomas Bryant insists that he's still considering the Tigers in his recruitment, Baseball loses Braggin' Rights, and Sophie Cunningham gets the spotlight.

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Mizzou Tigers pennantWelcome Back

We'll have more about spring practice later in the day, but first:

Mizzou Tigers pennantJ3 ... still considering?

The Missourian: Missouri basketball's Johnathan Williams III to meet with coach, discuss possible transfer

Williams II said Tuesday evening that his son will have another meeting with coach Kim Anderson after class on Wednesday. Williams III will make an announcement following that meeting, according to his father.

"Coach Anderson has a way with words," said Williams II, who is fond of Anderson. "He told (Williams III the last time they talked) that the grass may not always be greener on the other side.

"But as of right now, he's at Mizzou. He asked for the release, but he might not necessarily take it."

This is getting a little weird. We're going to assume he's still gone, but quotes like this remind us how big a decision like this can actually be. We can talk all we want about a TRANSFER EPIDEMIC!!!!!1!! and whatnot, but while some kids might leave at the drop of a hat, others just want to find a place where they can be happy.

Mizzou Tigers pennantBasketball recruiting

The Trib: Bryant says he's still considering Missouri

He said he maintains regular contact with MU assistant Rob Fulford, his former coach at Huntington Prep.

"I talk to Coach Rob all the time," Bryant said. "Not really on that much of recruiting and everything, just seeing how I'm doing, seeing how the H-Prep team is doing. Just taking it each and every day, day by day, talking to Teki too, Montaque Gill-Caesar. Me and him talk a lot about the team. He always puts in there, 'I would love you either way, Thomas, but I would love to have you at Mizzou.' "

Inside the Hall: Q & A: Thomas Bryant at McDonald's All-American media day

You mentioned (yesterday) that Syracuse and Kentucky hadn’t been in quite as much contact with you, would you say that Indiana is recruiting you the hardest right now?

"Yeah, Indiana and Missouri."

What about the Mizzou program is keeping them in the mix and what do you like about them?

"Just coach Rob (Fulford) being there and him being my old coach (at Huntington Prep) and also Montaque Gill-Caesar who was my old teammate last year and me and him have so much chemistry together and we just love playing with each other."

Stop leading us on, Thomas. You're legally required to come to Columbia now if you're going to force us to keep hope alive.

Mizzou Tigers pennantCash Buyouts

KC Star: Missouri to pay assistant basketball coach Tim Fuller nearly $100,000 in buyout

Missouri will pay a lump sum totaling nearly $100,000 under the terms of a buyout agreement reached Monday with men’s basketball associate head coach Tim Fuller, who coach Kim Anderson said last week would not return to his staff.

The Trib: Letter spells out terms of Alden's departure

Mike Alden is expected to officially hand the reins of Missouri’s athletic department to new Athletic Director Mack Rhoades on April 27. The athletic department will continue to pay Alden his salary through Aug. 31 and allow him to collect incentives totaling more than $430,000 that he would have received had he stayed in his post until that date.

Mizzou Tigers pennantMidweek games have not been kind to Mizzou lately

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Drops Braggin' Rights Game, 4-3
The Missourian: Illinois takes the Braggin' Rights from Missouri baseball with 4-3 win

Mizzou Tigers pennantSophie Time

The Missourian: SOPHIE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: During McDonald's All-American festivities, Cunningham revels in support of family, fans
The Missourian: SOPHIE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Lindsey Cunningham paved the way for All-American younger sister