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Mizzou Links: Gary Pinkel, disrespect, designer jeans and basketball recruiting

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In which we debate disrespect and what kind of jeans Gary Pinkel wears.

Also, heads up, going to be something big coming down the pipe around 9am today - some exclusive Mizzou basketball content you won't read about anywhere else.

Gary Pinkel looking pretty fly
Gary Pinkel looking pretty fly
David Morrison's twitter

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

One on One with Maty Mauk

It's amazing how Mizzou Network lands these exclusive interviews!

Offense struggling, defense dominant ahead of Black & Gold Game - Columbia Missourian

Which gives me an excuse to post the 50 yard TD bomb from Tuesday's scrimmage:

Mizzou Tigers pennant (D-I-S) R-E-S-P-E-C-T

The time has come for the Missouri Tigers to get their due - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

"The world is enamored with the beauty of certain programs," said Dave Steckel, who spent the past 14 seasons on Pinkel's staff at Missouri before becoming Missouri State's head coach in December. "If you go into any bar across the country and you say, 'What's the most successful school that starts with an M, everybody’s going to say Michigan.' Well, they’re nowhere. Now [Jim] Harbaugh’s a great guy. He’s probably going to do a phenomenal job there. "But the M-word's Missouri."

...And a little later on

"Florida’s struggled over the years, but everybody talks about Florida. Texas has struggled over the years, but everybody talks about Texas," he said. "But what about Missouri, which has built a phenomenal program? It’s the designer jean thing. Missouri’s just Levi’s, man. It's blue-collar. Pink has built a great football program that should have national notoriety.

I'd like to highlight some of David Morrison's thoughts on the Matter:

The ESPN article about respect does talk a lot about Mizzou's coaching consistency as a factor contributing to their success during the Gary Pinkel era. Another ESPN article, Barry Odom happy to be back at Mizzou, delves a little deeper into one recent change to that staff:

"Knowing the situation here and what Coach Pinkel consistently does with his program, the way that he works day-to-day structurally, the consistency of how he approaches every day, I knew the work environment and you want to go to work for somebody that you trust," Odom said. "I obviously have a great deal of trust in him. I knew the situation with two of the coaches that were on the defensive staff and looked forward to working with them. There was an environment set over a number of years of work that provided the ability to go in and be successful."

Green's game, dreads grow during time at MU - Columbia Daily Tribune | David Morrison

They certainly lend Green a unique look on the field, contrails dragging in his wake as he patrols the field for the Missouri defense. Fellow senior linebacker Kentrell Brothers said Green works under the theory that every player with dreadlocks has to be a big hitter. Just look at Markus Golden, who lived with Martin and Green.

That’s kind of the gist, Green said. But with more nuance.

"Most people you see with dreads, they grew them for a reason," Green said. "It symbolizes strength. Everybody went through the rough stages, and then you see them growing and they look beautiful. That’s the real truth about them."

Ahead of new academic eligibility rules, Missouri's Augusta avoided the 'curse' - Columbia Missourian

Josh Augusta is an exception.

The Missouri sophomore defensive lineman was able to meet NCAA eligibility requirements out of high school and has blossomed with the Tigers.

But with new NCAA eligibility requirements, how will others fare? For high school recruits enrolling in college on or after Aug. 1, 2016, the NCAA's initial-eligibility requirements will be different from the current ones.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Former Tigers

12 Super Sleeper Wide Receivers from the 2015 Draft - Subtitle: Searching for the Next Victor Cruz - RotoViz

Not many SEC WRs have campaigns of at least 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns receiving, and even fewer do it while capturing such a large share of their teams’ receiving production.  That Sasser was able to accomplish this feat while catching passes from the quarterbacking sham that was 2014 Maty Mauk is incredible.

Congrats to Shane Ray!

Grantland: Jordan Clarkson on the all-rookie team

[Marcus] Smart had the last first-team spot on this ballot until the last three weeks or so, when Clarkson overtook him with some legitimately solid scoring and distributing for a wretched Lakers team. Smart brings a singular skill — on-ball defense — that shines brighter than any one thing Clarkson does, but Clarkson’s mature all-around play on offense is enough to win by a nose. This is not a case of a young talent gunning for numbers on a go-nowhere team bereft of any other perimeter options.

Clarkson could have played that way. Lord knows some of his teammates have been chasing stats as they approach free agency. But he’s been thoughtful on the pick-and-roll, slowing down to manipulate the defense, seeking out pocket passes, and steadying himself for a reliable midrange pull-up. Clarkson has a nice pick-and-roll chemistry with Tarik Black, which is a sentence that somehow applies to a team that had Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash two years ago.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Mizzou Hoops Recruiting

Speaking of recruiting, intrepid commenter canislupus has been cranking out some quality posts that I wanted to highlight:

Mizzou Math: Top 10 Recruits and Flying Fish

A simple question: how many of the "big fish" basketball recruits are staying in-state for college?

Mizzou Math: The Chievous Index and measuring our success getting to the line

Mizzou Tigers pennant Hoops Coaching Search

T-minus 5 days?

Mizzou Tigers pennant Tremendous Hitting

Mack lives up to potential as power-hitting sophomore - Columbia Daily Tribune | Blake Toppmeyer
Missouri softball's Sami Fagan to face new, but familiar, opponent - Columbia Missourian

MUTIGERS.COM Mizzou Baseball Fan Primer: No. 18 Mizzou vs. Alabama

No. 18 Mizzou baseball continues its five-game homestand with a three-game series against Alabama at Taylor Stadium this weekend. A free t-shirt giveaway Friday night, free admission with a Mizzou Football Spring Game voucher on Saturday and Hometown Heroes weekend highlight the promotions for the three-game SEC series. Below is a complete list of promotions and stadium/parking policies.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Spring Scrimmage meetup

A fair amount of Mizzou Nation will be attending Saturday's Black and Gold Spring scrimmage and I figured it'd be as good a time as any to meetup.

Mizzou Black and Gold Spring game Tailgate/Meetup