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Mizzou Links: Golden, Morse and Murphy make it NFL official plus huge weekend for Diamond Tigers

Tigers sign their contracts, baseball finds itself on the bubble, softball gears up for the regional, Coach Anderson on chemistry and the future, and Jeff Warren remembered.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Ahead of a crucial series, a look at baseball's McArtor facility, this has been the first full season in use.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Football Notes

Wrapping up this week's conference call with Pinkel

Dodd's Post-spring Top 25:.

15. Missouri: How do you pick against the Tigers in the SEC East? Since 2001, only three schools have played in back-to-back SEC title games. Missouri is one of them. Look at the schedule. The Tigers should be 6-0 heading to Georgia on Oct. 17.

Markus Golden

Golden makes it official and signs his contract

From, get to know Markus

Despite a stellar senior season, his academia left him on the outside looking in. He did not get that offer from Mizzou.

Again, he committed himself and went to junior college. He thrived as a freshman at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas, racking up 90 tackles, 26 for a loss and 10 sacks, five forced fumbles and two interceptions and the Missouri tigers finally called home for that recruitment visit.

"Markus walked from the tunnel out onto the middle of the field," Rhonda said. "He became so emotional. He was jumping up and down and yelling, ‘Ma, I’m going to play here. I promise I’m going to play here on this field.’"

Mitch Morse

Here's what Mitch Morse can offer the Kansas City Chiefs - Arrowhead Pride

I'll admit this wasn't an easy evaluation because videos on Morse were hard to find. The go-to resource for prospect footage, Draft Breakdown, had exactly ZERO dedicated films for him. Luckily, we were able to find some 2012 games here. I took a similar approach by looking for games featuring defenders Morse faced over his career at Mizzou. Even when I found videos that included Morse, you had to visually find him on every play as Mizzou moved him all over the place even within games. Eventually, I reviewed seven games -- three at center and four at tackle. Morse only played center for six games in 2012, his first year as a starter in college.

With Kansas City Chiefs rookie OL Mitch Morse, the word tough doesn't even do him justice | FOX Sports

Mitch Morse is tough as nails. Plain and simple. And it's a good thing, too. Because the Kansas City Chiefs are holding their rookie mini camp on Saturday, and Morse, the 6-foot-5 Texan, a second-round selection with pick No. 49 in the 2015 NFL Draft, is walking into an arduous situation.

Marcus Murphy

Marcus Murphy signed with the Saints for 4 years, $2.35M

Mizzou Tigers pennantBasketball Notes

Coach Anderson looking ahead to brighter days

NCAA rules prohibit Anderson from commenting on the latest commitment until the signed letter of intent is received, but it's clear he has been putting his stamp on the team by keeping as close an eye on chemistry as he does on talent when it comes to recruiting.

"We've tried to be really conscious of doing a good job of getting to know the guys in the recruiting process," Anderson said. "I'm hopeful that will help our chemistry and our togetherness as a team. Because that's really important.

"I learned that a long time ago, the guys have to play together, they have to want to play together and they have to enjoy playing together."

Coach Anderson stops by the Hollywood Casino's Press Box

Once the new recruits officially sign, is he done making changes to the roster?

"I think we are, that would put us at 13 scholarships which is the maximum. I think we are still going to be keeping an eye on things around the country. I feel good about our young men who have made the commitment to come here and the guys coming back. In this business, you don't shut it down, but at this point I feel good about everybody."

For the NBA fans, A comparison of Jordan Clarkson's and Marcus Smart's shot charts

On a sadder note, former Tiger players remember Jeff Warren

"Jeff was one of those guys that would play through anything," said Melvin Booker, who recalled him catching an elbow and breaking his nose during one game but continuing on like nothing had happened. "He’s the toughest player I ever played with in my career — and that’s high school, college and professional."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Big weekend for diamond sports

Softball: For Coach Stubble, a possible Border War match-up takes a backseat.

"I don’t really care about it," Earleywine said. "The fans are going to really enjoy it, though, because we don’t get to play them in the other sports, and so to play them two years in a row in our regional tournament, we’re the only sport doing that, and I think it’s fun for the fans."

Earleywine, a Jefferson City native, doesn’t care about the possibility of a Border War renewal?

"I mean, I care," Earleywine said with a grin. "I care more about winning a regional, though, than I do a rivalry matchup. I just want to advance."

Fun fact for the day

Baseball Bubble Watch:

SEC Baseball Weekend Schedule: How Every Conference Series Matters for the NCAA or SEC Tournaments - Team Speed Kills

Right now, Kentucky, South Carolina and Missouri fans should be nervous. There are 31 conferences with automatic bids to the NCAA tournament, and some of the teams that fill them are going to come from outside the Top 64 in RPI. In fact, we already know of one: Columbia, the Ivy League champion, current sits at No. 67.

Win and we're in?  (Too soon?)

From, series preview and a look back at the rest of the season in numbers

Mizzou Tigers pennant Other Mizzou notes:

Track and Field Tigers head to the SEC championships this weekend

An interview with Mizzou grad & photographer David Eulitt

Have you ever been pummeled by an athlete?

When I was shooting in California, Troy Aikman when he was at UCLA literally ran me over. The hardest I was ever hit was at a Mizzou football practice and this wide receiver came way out of bounds to try to catch a pass and all my gear broke and my lens snapped.