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Mizzou Links: MU-KSU in KC, recruiting summaries, and Michael Porter's top 17

Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber talks about a Mizzou-KSU series in Kansas City, football recruiting has exploded of late, and 2017 blue-chipper Michael Porter releases a top 17. Yes, Mizzou's on it.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

MU-KSU, 2011.

KC Star: Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber open to recurring game against Missouri at Sprint Center

Weber stressed K-State and Missouri have merely had informal conversations about a series, but he sees its merits. He was part of a similar series with Missouri, the Braggin’ Rights game in St. Louis, when he coached Illinois.

"It is not a definite by any means, but we have talked about it," Weber said. "We will see what happens this year with the CBE. If it looks like it was a good thing and a success and we have officially broken the barrier of them leaving, that kind of stigma, then maybe we can move forward with it."

Given the sensitive nature of the subject, Weber said athletic director John Currie would likely decide whether to begin formally discussing a series.

"That would be his call more than it would be my call," Weber said.

I would not object.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant ICYMI

PowerMizzou was busy summing up another crazy week in recruiting. Here's our Sunday summary of what's left.

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Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's backyard flush with football talent

"Columbia’s a great town but there’s a lot of kids who just went to get out and explore other places," said Alexander, who works for a building materials distributor in Columbia. "I don’t feel like they made the wrong decisions by any means. Some kids just want to get out of town and be on their own a little bit." [...]

Last year, [coach A.J.] Ofodile faced a recruiting situation unlike any other at Rock Bridge. His son, Alex, was one of the country’s top receivers in the 2015 class. Rather than stay home to play for Mizzou, he signed with Oregon and enrolled in January. Ofodile said he stayed out of Alex’s decision.

"With Alex, what I always told him was nobody offered me a scholarship this time around — they offered you the scholarship," Ofodile said. "You have to go play."

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Mizzou Tigers pennant WE MADE THE LIST

I mean, hey, this is better than not making Michael Porter's top 17...

Mizzou Tigers pennant Today in out-of-context Wes Clark tweets

Mizzou Tigers pennant And up in Eugene...

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