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Mizzou Links: Ray signs with Denver, and TSF makes some changes

Shane Ray signs with the Denver Broncos and reports to practice, Mizzou's Tiger Scholarship Fund makes some donor level changes, and Missouri offers Ed McCaffrey's son Dylan, a four-star sophomore.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Dylan McCaffrey highlights.

McCaffrey (yes, that McCaffrey) is a four-star Class of 2017 quarterback from Colorado (of course) with offers from Michigan, UCLA, Penn State, and other heavyweights. And as of yesterday, he also has an offer from Mizzou. And a pretty nice cheerleader in his recruitment.

Obviously Mizzou has a lot of competition for him, and he won't sign with a school for another 20 months, but you can see why he's already picked up so many offers. And that's a pretty sharp look, Byron.

Other recruiting headlines
PowerMizzou: Jenkins talks Mizzou visit

Mizzou Tigers pennant Ray signs Shane Ray signs contract with Broncos
Mile High Report: Broncos have signed first round pick Shane Ray to his rookie contract
Mile High Report: 2015 Broncos OTAs: Shane Ray practicing with the Broncos on Monday

This is the first time that Ray has practiced for the Broncos since being selected in the first-round of last month's NFL Draft. He was dealing with a toe injury that he suffered during Missouri's bowl game. There were some concerns during the pre-draft process that Ray would need surgery on his toe, but the Broncos and multiple other doctors believed Ray just needed some rest.

Mizzou Tigers pennant TSF changes

You may have gotten a "CHANGES COMING!!" e-mail yesterday from TSF.

MUTIGERS.COM: TSF Unveils New Fundraising Model

TSF will now credit all donations made to Mizzou Athletics as a singular total to determine a Donor Level. Gifts made to the following areas will be counted towards Donor Level, including; scholarship seating and parking, premium seating, facility projects, endowments, sport-specific funds for all programs, gifts-in-kind and the Total Person Program (TPP). Donors will now have the opportunity to donate directly to TPP, an industry-leading program focused on the growth and education of Mizzou’s student-athletes. [...]

The desire to provide increased transparency was a fundamental principal of the restructured TSF donor system. To better assist TSF members at having a clear idea of their Donor Rank, members can use the new Donor Rank Calculator. Donors and season-ticket holders are encouraged to visit to see a hypothetical Donor Rank among fellow TSF donors. The Rank Calculator is a tool that measures the impact an increased investment may have on donors’ overall experience.

The Trib: MU unveils changes that will affect football, basketball parking
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou revamps fundraising system
PowerMizzou: Mizzou unveils TSF plan

What does this mean for your tickets and parking? Not much for the former and ... perhaps quite a bit for the latter? We'll see.

Mizzou Tigers pennant A lot of injured former Tigers right now

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Baseball in the Pros

Mizzou Tigers pennant #Stubble update:

Yesterday, ghtd36 posted the DONATE NOW link for the Stubble Drive. And in one damn afternoon/eveningwe got to nearly 40% of our $10,000 goal. You are amazing. Now let's keep it going.