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Mizzou Links: Harold Brantley's injuries are not life-threatening

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou Tigers pennant Harold

The Trib: Brantley, Stock transported to hospital after car accident
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou athletes injured, one seriously, in car accident

I can't wait till the part of this story where I just scream "MY GOD, WEAR YOUR DAMN SEAT BELTS, KIDS," but until we learn more about Harold Brantley's health status, and until a little bit of time passes, it feels more like yelling at Harold and Maddie than sending a message to everybody else. And he's got enough going on right not to worry about being judged on the Internet.

Man on man, they're incredibly lucky to have both survived this.

As Gabe tweeted above, this is always going to be a harrowing experience for a family, but or it to happen on Fathers Day, when (I assume) Brantley's father is about a thousand miles away in Pennsylvania makes it even scarier, even worse. My thoughts go out to them, too.

It feels strange not knowing more about Brantley's status more than 12 hours after the accident, but we're not owed much. I assume we'll find out more today, and I hope the best for Brantley's long-term future. We'll post more as we hear it, obviously.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Fathers Day

It was a strange juxtaposition, searching for updates on Brantley while Mizzou athletes past and present flooded social media with pretty touching Fathers Day tributes.

Happy Fathers Day... To one of the absolute realest.

A photo posted by Kim David (@kimdenglish) on

Throwin it way back! Happy Fathers Day Dad. Love ya!

A photo posted by Kevin Puryear (@kevinpuryear) on

Happy Father's Day Dad

A photo posted by Terrence Phillips (@floor_general3) on

Thank you for making me better #JR Happy Fathers Day!!! Miss my dawg!!

A photo posted by Henry Josey (@henryjosey) on

Happy Father's Day to my dad the man who has always been there for me when he didn't have to be

A photo posted by Lucas Vincent (@high_chief_lv96) on

Happy Father's Day to my OG! Can't say enough bout this man right here. Love u pops

A photo posted by @stay_tuned31 on

I've always been a daddy's girl. Happy Father's Day to the worlds greatest. ❤️

A photo posted by Cierra Jade Porter (@cierraporter) on

Plus, there's this lovely piece from Ziggy Hood.

The Players' Tribune (Ziggy Hood): My Boy

Five years ago, my wife, Sara, and I went to the doctor excited to find out the sex of our first-born child. When we got there, we were informed that Josiah, our son, was probably going to be born with a severe case of Down syndrome. Hearing that news as a first-time father just shattered me. I went through my entire life having all these visions for my son. So many of the firsts that I had looked forward to experiencing with him suddenly went out the window.

I began questioning everything. Was it something I did? Am I getting punished for all the wrongs and sins I’d committed in my life? I carried so much pain and confusion, and I didn’t feel comfortable expressing it to anybody except my wife. Unless you experience something like this, it’s difficult to find the words for what you’re feeling. When Josiah was born, we found out that he didn’t have Down syndrome but there were definitely some complications. We just didn’t have all the answers. He just wasn’t functioning as a normal baby should, and it became clear that he would require close care for the rest of his life. [...]

It’s taken me several years to feel comfortable talking about my son. But I’m opening up now because I want every parent going through this to know they’re not alone. Whatever pain and embarrassment I felt before has been replaced by a desire to help raise more awareness about this issue.

After all Josiah has done for me, it’s the least I can do.

Mizzou Tigers pennant WHATNOT

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