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Mizzou Links: Bowers' pro dream persists, and the new Deputy AD's got a b-ball background

Mizzou's new Deputy AD has an extensive basketball background, Laurence Bowers isn't giving up his pro dream just yet, and the Don Faurot statue isn't quite back yet. COME BACK, DON.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On


Mizzou Tigers pennant ICYMI:

Busy weekend!

PowerMizzou: Recruiting Week in Review

Tre Williams commits
Rock M Nation: Rock Bridge DE Tre Williams commits to Tigers
The Trib: Rock Bridge's Williams commits to hometown Tigers
Post-Dispatch: Columbia's Williams commits to Mizzou

So does Christian Baker
Rock M Nation: Atlanta CB Christian Holmes is a Tiger
The Trib: Report: Atlanta athlete makes 6 commits for MU

And Bryce Banks
Rock M Nation: 2016 Missouri football recruiting: Rock Bridge's Bryce Banks is a Tiger
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Bryce Banks, another Bruin, commits to MU
Post-Dispatch: Tigers pick up third pledge in two days

Mizzou Tigers pennant How are you doing, Party Starter?

The Trib: Bowers keeping busy while awaiting next basketball opportunity

"When it’s all said and done, I do want to coach," Bowers said. "I feel like I have a way with persuading and influencing kids. Even the Mizzou guys, I think they really take heed to what I’m saying. So it just lets me know that, ‘Hey, you can be a coach if you put your mind to it.’ "

But Bowers also learned he’s not ready for that future to be now. He still has dreams to chase and time to reach them as a player. He gained more strength and confidence in his wrist as he worked out alongside his pupils during his training sessions, all while hoping for another professional opportunity to come his way.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Mizzou's new backup AD

The Trib: Baker's risks have paid off on his road to Missouri

He’ll serve as the sport administrator for Missouri’s men’s basketball team under new Athletic Director Mack Rhoades, a role he also served at Memphis. Tigers Coach Josh Pastner said Baker’s past with [former Oklahoma State coach Eddie] Sutton gave him immediate credibility, a reputation he reinforced over his two years at Memphis. Baker said he and Pastner met at least three or four times a week and spoke two or three times a day. [...]

Baker hopes to have the same relationship with Missouri Coach Kim Anderson. The two have a head start. Anderson first interacted with Baker when he made campus visits to Oklahoma State as an assistant commissioner in the Big 12.

"I always say, ‘If you want to see someone’s true character, watch how they treat the graduate assistants,’ " Baker said. "He didn’t treat me any different than he did Coach Sutton. He knew my name, knew my background, would always come over and ask me how I was doing and talk to me. That just makes a huge impression on you when you’re in a position like I was in."

Mizzou Tigers pennant On the diamond

The Trib: Former MU standout Thomas excited to pitch in pro game at University Field

Good luck to Mizzou's prospects (but not too much luck)
Post-Dispatch: Draft could shape Mizzou pitching staff