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Mizzou Links: The Tiger football #brand, 1981 and today

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The Mizzou brand is based around wide-open offense and killer defensive linemen, Mississippi State has a lot to replace on defense, and ... ladies and gentlemen, the dulcet tones of John Facenda.

The Savitar

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Mizzou, 1981. With John Facenda.

The Mizzou #brand in 1981 was a little bit different then; the Tigers were known more for huge upsets and, well, letdowns. 1981 stood out in that regard -- beat No. 9 Mississippi State in Jackson, beat No. 15 Oklahoma, beat No. 19 Southern Miss, nearly beat No. 15 Nebraska ... and also get thumped by 5-5-1 Iowa State on the road, lose to unranked Oklahoma State at home, and finish the year with a 19-11 loss to Kansas. The Tigers had to replace Phil Bradley, James Wilder, and company, started 5-0, rose to No. 8 in the country, and lost four of six to finish the regular season.

The #brand has changed now.

The brand: The Tigers are also frequent travelers on the uniform merry-go-round, but they built their current brand with a wide-open, up-tempo offense and what seems like an assembly line that produces NFL defensive linemen.

What it should be: With two SEC East titles in three years in the league, the Tigers shouldn’t change a thing.

Getting back to that "wide-open" offense would be nice, though ... at least as it pertains to having a lovely passing game...

(You can read more about 1981 here, by the way. "This was another gritty team with a great defense, but as with 1967, offensive breakdowns held them back. Unfortunately, unlike 1967, two wonderful seasons were not on the horizon.")

Mizzou Tigers pennant It's preview season

Hey, speaking of Mississippi State...

PowerMizzou: Study Guide: Mississippi State

Reason for Missouri to worry: Despite losing eight starters, Mississippi State still has plenty of talent at all levels of its defense to not suffer a drop-off in 2015. Jones and Brown could be two of the best defensive linemen that Missouri will face all season, and Redmond in the secondary could take advantage of a (to this point) unproven group of receivers in Columbia.

Reason for Missouri to rest easy: Mississippi State lost its best defensive lineman (Preston Smith) and best linebacker (Benardrick McKinney), so those two will be tough to replace. In addition, the Bulldogs also lost linebacker Matthew Wells. That group combined for 31.5 tackles for loss and 16 sacks, including nine sacks from Smith alone. Losing three top players from a defense that ranked 12th in the conference in total defense could mean a tough year on that side of the ball for Mullen.

Mizzou Tigers pennant The latest in recruiting:

PowerMizzou: 2016 Target Board: G/C
PowerMizzou: Canes make cut for 4-star DT

Mizzou Tigers pennant WHATNOT

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Tennis Welcomes Majorie Muller to Coaching Staff

Head Coach Sasha Schmid announced the addition of volunteer assistant coach Majorie Muller to the Mizzou Tennis staff today. Muller, a former assistant coach at both Texas Tech and Texas A&M, joins the program after stints as a tennis instructor at the Country Club of Missouri and the Mizzou Tennis Complex.

"I am so happy to announce that Majorie Muller is joining our coaching staff as the volunteer assistant coach for Mizzou Tennis," Schmid said. "Majorie's experience as a college player and coach is going to be an outstanding asset for our team. Even more than her experience, Majorie's passion for Mizzou Tennis and our student-athletes has impressed me the most and I am looking forward to working with her. "

MUTIGERS.COM: Kan Shines In USA World University Games Team Match vs. Korean Pro Team

MUTIGERS.COM: Four Mizzou Tigers Set for World University Games

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Lands 19 on CSCAA Scholar All-America Teams
MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Freshmen Recognized on SEC First-Year Honor Roll

Mizzou Tigers pennant Weather

One of the more enjoyable aspects of storms in mid-Missouri is the "WTF IS THIS" response from student-athletes hailing from far away from Missouri. Yesterday's sudden tornado warning -- wall cloud spotted near Stadium and 63 -- prompted a couple of fun responses.

I really, really hope Tramaine Isabell ends up awesome and successful because he's one of my off-the-court favorites.