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Evidently 2010's proposed Pac-16 wasn't the only Big 12 mass exodus on the table

Today's Mizzou links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

ABC-17's had some lovely (and, yes, non-embeddable) pieces about former Mizzou players recently:

Justin Smith
ABC-17: Smith talks about coaching at Mizzou
ABC-17: Smith brings joy to local girl

Demarre Carroll
ABC-17: Carroll shares wisdom at Children's Hospital
Post-Dispatch: Carroll's NBA transformation pays off

Mizzou Tigers pennant It's a damn shame Mizzou was the traitorous one (Lee Barfknecht): During realignment, four others from Big 12 took a look at Big Ten switch

A Big 12 athletic director, who spoke to The World-Herald on condition of anonymity, said he contacted Big Ten athletic directors and presidents with whom he was familiar in June 2010.

The topic: Was the Big Ten, which had 11 members at the time, interested in adding five Big 12 schools?

The feedback from Big Ten school officials was positive, both sources said. The sticking point was devising a revenue-sharing plan to satisfy all. It would have taken at least three to four years for that many incoming schools to hit the financial payoffs sought for moving.

He doesn't spell out exactly who the five were, though he does open the piece with this:

Big Ten football fans, see if the following slate of conference games would interest you:

Oklahoma vs. Wisconsin; Nebraska vs. Texas A&M; Iowa vs. Iowa State; Minnesota vs. Kansas.

If that's not speculation/brain-storming, that suggests the group was OU, NU, A&M, ISU, and Kansas. Regardless, even if NU, Mizzou, and A&M (i.e. the three non-Colorado teams that left) were all part of that group, that still leaves two more that weren't. But it's a damn shame Mizzou hurt everyone's feelings by stabbing them in the back, huh?

We don't ever need another round of EXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ -- the rounds we had were fertile and gossipy and bitchy enough to keep us fed for decades.

Mizzou Tigers pennant A few football recruiting links

The Trib: Columbia's football Class of 2016 ready to make waves

Three commits come from Rock Bridge. Tre Williams, a 6-foot-5, 220-pound defensive end, committed to Missouri in June. Bruins Coach A.J. Ofodile said that even though many recruiting services list him as a four-star recruit, he might still be underrated.

Fellow Missouri commit Bryce Banks is a 6-3 cornerback who also received offers from Illinois, South Dakota State and Tulsa. [Hayden] Johnson committed to the Razorbacks in June after attending a camp in Fayetteville, Ark.

Hickman and Battle also have talent at the Division I level.

Two-way Kewpie Brandon Jones has fielded offers from Illinois and Southeast Missouri State.

Jerrion Nelson, another two-way player who was a huge asset in the Spartans’ Class 5 state championship last season, has received offers from Iowa State, Purdue, Bowling Green and Toledo. He visited Arkansas earlier in the week.

PowerMizzou: TRADED MESSAGES WITH A.J. TAYLOR TODAY Swann Talks Upcoming Missouri Visit

Without going into too much detail, that A.J. Taylor piece suggests Mizzou's not out of the hunt just yet. That said, I'd still bet a decent amount of money on him going to Wisconsin.

Mizzou Tigers pennant SEC

The Trib: MU, rest of SEC braces for challenges of new cost of attendance scholarships

The Trib (David Morrison): Returning Defensive Output in the SEC: Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Tennessee top the list