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Mizzou Links: Sheldon Richardson suspended, Aldon Smith finds a kindred spirit

Sheldon Richardson gets suspended and apologizes, Aldon Smith finds a pretty good mentor in San Francisco, and Ryan Rosburg would make one hell of a red zone target. Happy 3rd of July.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Ryan Rosburg: serious red zone weapon.

#Mizzou Basketball is on @mizzoufootball's Faurot Field! It's Flag Football Time! #MIZ

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Inside the Yellow offense with @otrillmaine at quarterback. #MIZ

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Mizzou Tigers pennant Whoops, Sheldon

SB Nation: Jets DL Sheldon Richardson suspended 4 games for violating substance abuse policy
Post-Dispatch: NFL slaps Sheldon Richardson with four-game suspension
Gang Green Nation: Sheldon Richardson Suspended 4 Games

But in happier NFL links... Keena Turner: Aldon Smith's Relationship with Charles Haley Is Special to Watch

"It’s really cool to see that Aldon has a great respect and appreciation for Charles, and that he feels he can learn something from his tuteledge," Turner, a four-time Super Bowl champion said. "He seems to be wide-eyed and all ears when Charles is around and rightfully so. Here’s a guy who is going into two Hall of Fames this year and has a resume to back it up. And for Aldon to recognize he can learn something from that guy, it’s pretty cool, and it’s pretty special to watch."

When Haley isn't around the facility, Smith is still being looked after by Turner, who makes it a routine to watch the linebacker's individual drills. In fact, Haley is always keeping an eye on how San Francisco's linebackers are doing when it comes to catching passes in their bag drills.

"We’ve got this thing going on," Turner explained. "I get it from Ahmad (Brooks); I get it from Aldon. They look at me, and I’m not as big as those guys anymore, and they wonder how I would have been able to play back in the day. I have to remind them every single day that it’s about the inside as it was about the outside – and you gotta have to have hands to play the outside linebacker position, right?"

Mizzou Tigers pennant It's preview season

ESPN Stats & Info: 2015 Preseason FPI: Ohio State still No. 1 in updated rankings

(Mizzou hovers in 26th, which is just about where my numbers have the Tigers as well. My numbers are quite a bit higher on Georgia and lower on Florida, though.)

The Trib (David Morrison): Get to Know a 2015 Opponent: Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt 2.0: The one good thing about a young team going through some severe growing pains one season? It usually means they've got a lot coming back the next year. The Commodores return 77.2 percent of their starts on offense -- including 76.7 percent on the line -- and 81.1 percent of their starts on defense. So, even if Vanderbilt doesn't quite have the talent or depth to compete for the SEC East just yet, at least it has some heavy continuity from last season. The Commodores pulled in a recruiting class that ranked an average of 43rd in the nation over the past five years, according to, so the pieces should be there. It's just a matter of how quickly they can assemble themselves into something resembling a bowl team.

Mizzou Tigers pennant WHATNOT

Boo (but congrats)
The Trib: MU baseball recruit signs contract with Cubs

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Women's Golf Releases Fall Schedule

MUTIGERS.COM: Paola Ampudia Enjoying Success With Colombia At World Grand Prix