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Mizzou Links: Baseball players are weird, football players are Rambo

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Max Scherzer gives one of the funniest interviews you'll see (thanks mostly to his teammates), football players turn into Rambo with a paintball gun in their hands, and Tramaine Isabell is pretty awesome off the court.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Baseball players are so weird. And that's sometimes great.

MUTIGERS.COM: Former Mizzou Standout Ryan Lollis Called Up the Big Leagues

Lollis went 0-for-4 with a strikeout in his first MLB start but sports a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage for his career. Congrats on the call-up, Ryan.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Summer Sessions continue

PowerMizzou: Summer Sessons: Wes Clark
PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Terrence Phillips
PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Cullen VanLeer
PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Kevin Puryear
PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Martavian Payne Has there been one of the older guys you've really gotten closest to who has kind of shown you the ropes?

MP: "It's been Tramaine Isabell, even though I'm older than him. But he's still helping me out a lot and I'm thankful for that."

[Insert regular "Man, I hope TI succeeds on the court because he's my favorite off the court" line here.)

And more Terrence
The Trib: Missouri freshman Phillips a big presence despite small stature

Mizzou Tigers pennant A football link!

The Trib: MU football learns team-building, leadership from National Guard

After some time in the Humvee and weapons simulators, the soldiers gave the players quick lessons on military maneuvers in open spaces and room-clearing procedures when entering buildings, then split the group into two and had the halves alternate completing a simulator for finding improvised explosive devices and carrying out a hostage rescue mission in a village armed with paintball guns and opposed by Guard members posing as "bad guys."

The players had so much fun with the paintball, Miller said, that they ended up separating the group into teams and letting them go at each other.

"Everything we taught them about movement and tactics, it all goes out the window," Miller said. "The paintballs start flying, and everybody turns into Rambo."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Amen

The Trib: Missouri can now enjoy Big 12 drama from safe distance

Mizzou Tigers pennant AMEN

THIS IS A FACE I'VE MADE - Every Day Should Be Saturday

Maybe you formed that attachment with a team from your alma mater, or the town you grew up in. Maybe it's a team that you didn't have any logical connection to but you made them yours all the same, when you were young and the reasons didn't need to be sensible. Maybe the attachment is purely one of nationality. Whatever route you took to this moment of vicarious joy, the end result is the same. You're uncontrollably happy and proud for a group of people that matter to you even though you don't know one another, and it's the best feeling you can experience as a fan.