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Mizzou receiver DeSean Blair's acrobatic catches are getting attention

Here are today's Mizzou links.

What's On

Gary Pinkel on the dancing:

"That was interesting. They did their little Mexican dance all the way through the stadium. It was really cute. I love cuteness on the football field. Vince Lombardi’s got to be looking down from heaven just shaking his head."

DeSean Blair, #SCTop10 nominee

Current first-string receiver DeSean Blair had a pretty impressive catch during warmups yesterday, which seemed to be a setup for another one later during closed practice.

But that's not all!

University of Missouri Athletics - #MIZCamp - August 10

WR DeSean Blair hauled in a diving, juggling 46-yard reception at the 4-yard line on a long pass from QB Maty Mauk, who threw the ball near midfield.

Maty Mauk lobbed a 46 yard bomb to DeSean Blair, whose bobbling catch made an appearance last night on the SCTop10.

By the way, this is just another example of his impressive catching skills. You'll recall this one from a while ago?

Mizzou Fall Camp Notes

MU Notes: The "Figuring out 3/5 of the line" edition - Columbia Daily Tribune | David Morrison

Taylor Chappell had barely ever played tackle in his life before Missouri inserted him on the right side of the line for the South Carolina game last season, after Connor McGovern moved back inside to right guard.

Tigers strap on full pads : Dave Matter

Developing depth at tailback is a big focus of preseason camp. After senior Russell Hansbrough, a 1,000-yard rusher last season, the Tigers don’t have much in terms of established players at the position. Junior college transfer Chase Abbington is getting prepped to become part of the rotation. Another factor: MU wants Hansbrough to take on a bigger role this year, too. I’ll touch on this more in Tuesday’s print edition, but last year, Hansbrough averaged 14.7 carries per game. His average climbed to 17.5 carries in Mizzou’s four November games — all victories. Pinkel indicated he wants a bigger workload for the senior tailback this fall.

Coincidentally, Russell Hansbrough and Mizzou's running backs are next up on our Walkthroughs, due up later today.

Today in out-of-context Wes Clark tweets

Pingeton gets a new deal

Missouri is working toward completion of a new contract for women’s basketball Coach Robin Pingeton, Athletic Director Mack Rhoades said Monday afternoon during an interview with the Tribune.

Random note: Mack Rhoades was at Mizzou practice yesterday, but when I overheard someone asking him how the team looked, he replied, "I didn't see a thing, I've been on my phone the whole time." Could be unrelated, could be he was working on this very deal.

Anyway, I'm happy to see Rhoades and Mizzou work to secure Pingeton. As I believe I've stated several times, I believe she is building the program in the right direction.

MU 'in the process of finalizing a new contract' for Pingeton - Columbia Daily Tribune | Blake Toppmeyer

Mad Max (Copeland)

Former Missouri football player Max Copeland stars in independent horror film | Mizzou Sports |

The former Missouri offensive lineman known for his outrageous personality could soon be known as Roman Garbi+,+ or "Hack-man+,+" in film.

A photo posted by max copeland (@max.copeland) on