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Injuries to Johnathon Johnson and J'Mon Moore render Mizzou receiver depth perilous again

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Bill Carter

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Mizzou Tigers pennant Johnathon Johnson :(

Post-Dispatch: Ankle injury sidelines Mizzou receiver

Johnathon Johnson suffered a severely sprained right ankle in Saturday's scrimmage and will be sidelined indefinitely, the team confirmed Monday. Johnson was getting around the practice field on a scooter Monday.

The slot receiver from Memphis, Tenn., had four catches for 90 yards in the scrimmage but landed awkwardly along the sideline at the end of a 64-yard catch and run. The team's medical staff carted him to the locker room for testing.

In previous years, an injury like this, with this specific timing, would pretty much guarantee a redshirt for a true freshman. I believe this is similar to the injuries suffered by Sean Culkin and Jimmie Hunt in previous years. But obviously, with the all-hands-on-deck nature of the receiving corps (especially if J'Mon Moore, injured on Monday, is out for any extended period of time), one figures that Johnson might still play this year if he can get back to full-speed within the next few weeks, even if he's not 100 percent when SEMO comes to town.

Regardless of how long either Johnson or Moore are out, this is frustrating. The biggest immediate takeaway from Saturday's scrimmage was that the receiving corps was deeper than we feared, with Nate Brown, Moore, Wes Leftwich, Johnson, Justin Smith, Jason Reese, Emanuel Hall, Ray Wingo, and even Clayton Echard all making some nice plays. But perhaps the two most impressive were Johnson and Moore. And now they're both on the sidelines. (We'll learn more about Moore today or tomorrow, i presume.)

Mizzou Tigers pennant Marcell Frazier :) - Coaches give scrimmage feedback

[Kuligowski]: "But just to tell you a little bit about the kid, he got here late but he still got two As in his summer classes. He wants to be a very good football player. He's not expecting anybody to hand him anything, which is hard. Everybody comes in with the expectations that they're going to start, and then when they find out how hard they have to work for it, some guys aren't as interested. But Marcell certainly is. It will be interesting to see that battle."

That battle is currently between Frazier and redshirt freshman Walter Brady.

"They're both really good," Kuligowski said. "I've got to say, all the way up to the scrimmage, I was extremely pleased with Walter. I would not say that he had a disappointing scrimmage at all, but Marcell kind of overshadowed him. That will be a battle we keep our eyes on."

Charles Harris was as active as ever, Marcell Frazier was evidently even more active, and Spencer Williams batted down a couple of passes. As always, consistency could be an issue for such a young unit, but this green group of ends made some plays on Saturday.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Wait, so he's not starting against SEMO?

Mizzou QB coach: Lock has long way to go : Sports
Mizzou coaches temper QB buzz after scrimmage : Sports
MU Notes: The "Post-Scrimmage Practice" edtion - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: Behind The Stripes

"Drew's done some great things, but he's got a long way to go," Hill said. "Chase Daniel was a standard setter in a lot of ways for Missouri and Drew's been out here for 11 practices. We're certainly keeping a level head about how guys can play. He's a very good football player. He's into being a good football player. But he's got a long ways to go to be competitive, especially against the number one or number two defense. Against the number three and number four defense, it's a little bit different." [...]

"He did some real nice things. He threw the ball well, got rid of the ball and got out of trouble," Hill said. "Missed some easy reads there early, too. I saw some article that said he's Tom Brady. He's 11 practices in. We're getting ready to play in three weeks. We'll find out what it's going to be there."

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