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Barry Odom will be using his OLBs and CBs aggressively in 2015 (for better and worse)

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Paul Halfacre

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Kenya and company.

Mizzou Tigers pennant OLBs (and CBs), ATTTAAAACK

For better or worse!

The Trib (David Morrison): MU Notes: The "Aggression vs. Caution" edition

Senior linebacker Clarence Green said new coordinator Barry Odom's got a plan for outside backers like him.

"It's kind of just letting the dogs loose," Green said. "Me and" Donavin "Newsom, we both can play the run very heavy and physical. We like to make the impact plays, the big hits. Instead of just engaging and holding the gap, we can shoot it and the safeties make us right. It's very good to make us more versatile." [...]

Odom's "a real aggressive guy," cornerback Kenya Dennis said. "He's always on me about being on my man. We're going to play a lot more man and be a more aggressive team."

But that aggression has also led to some busts on the back end in the first two scrimmages.

Mizzou Tigers pennant ICYMI

Post-Dispatch: No role too small for MU's Berkstresser
PowerMizzou: Lasting Legacy

Darius Anderson
The Trib (David Morrison): Texas RB Darius Anderson commits to MU
Post-Dispatch: Texas running back officially commits to MU

Mizzou's 24th The AP Top 25 Poll
The Trib (David Morrison): MU comes in 24th in preseason AP poll
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou cracks preseason AP poll at No. 24
The Missourian: Missouri football team ranked No. 24 in AP preseason poll

Mizzou Tigers pennant This is fine as a random camp story...

...but guys are going to be healthy in 12 days, right?

The Trib: Injuries leave Tigers thin at kicker

Starter Andrew Baggett was already out with the back spasms that had also held him out of Missouri’s first scrimmage Saturday. Walk-on junior Nick Coffman, who made one of two field goals in Baggett’s stead Saturday, was sitting out with a groin strain.

With just more than two weeks to go until the season opener, the Tigers don’t have many options left.

Perhaps that makes this the most exciting note of the Saturday practice report:

K Luke Jackson drilled a 49-yard field goal that sailed into the net beyond the goal posts with plenty of room to spare.

Mizzou Tigers pennant You're pretty enough, Connor

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's mauler finds home on the edge

"Morse came in as a tackle and had a really pretty kick slide and really fast feet," McGovern said. "I came in as more of a bruiser and mauler. … It came a lot more natural to him, and that’s probably why I’ll never be as pretty as him."

The beauty in McGovern’s game is coming around — daily pass-rush sessions with defensive end Charles Harris demand precise form — but the brawn is always part of his game. It’s been well documented that McGovern is the strongest player on Missouri’s team and one of the strongest players to pick up a barbell in the MU weight room. This summer, he set the team’s squat record, lifting 690 pounds five times, which projects to a one-time lift of 810 pounds.

Weightlifting is more than a means to McGovern’s end on the field. In Fargo his parents allowed him to renovate their unfinished basement into a fully equipped weight room, which became the stage for many Instagram posts of his lifting feats.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Pinkel's history doesn't suggest creating a specific package for the No. 3 QB...

...but Marvin Zanders' zone read success has to have at least planted a seed.

The Trib: Zanders' skill set on full display during MU's 2nd scrimmage

If Zanders looks comfortable running the read option, there’s a good reason for it.

"I’ve run it since middle school," Zanders said. "So it’s like second nature."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Tickets! FOX Sports 4-Pack Announced For Season-Opener

Mizzou Tigers pennant Hoops having fun

PACKED house for @mizzou's Fall Welcome Pep Rally! Coach Anderson got the freshmen fired up for the new school year! #MIZ

A photo posted by Mizzou Basketball (@mizzouhoops) on Men's Basketball Finishes Outstanding Summer in the Classroom

Mizzou Tigers pennant A disappointing draw Mizzou and SMU Play to 1-1 Double-Overtime Draw
The Trib: MU soccer team unable to find rhythm in tie with SMU

Mizzou Tigers pennant Volleyball starts Friday

The Trib: Right side, strong side: Towler and Larson excel in volleyball scrimmage Mizzou Volleyball Announces 2015 Youth League Dates

Mizzou Tigers pennant WHATNOT

Golf Milner Joins Mizzou Men's Golf as Assistant Coach

Happy Birthday
The Trib: Mizzou Broadcast Operations enjoys first birthday