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Who's on your All-Pinkel team? Who did the Missourian miss (besides Pig Brown)?

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

11 days.

Mizzou Tigers pennant All-Pinkel

The Missourian: Assembling Missouri football's All-Gary Pinkel team

My immediate reactions to this list:

  • I know we've got a lot of pro-Brad folks on here, and that's fine, but to me, Chase Daniel had to be the No. 1 QB. It's the easiest pick on the team.

  • I think Tony Temple might still have the edge over Russell Hansbrough for No. 2 running back. If we could get September/October Russ and November/December Tony, that might be a first-teamer right there. (And if Justin Gage gets on as a second-string WR after just one year with Pinkel, then Zach Abron deserves consideration here, too.)

  • I wasn't sure about DGB being a first-team WR because of just one good season, but unless we're judging Justin Gage based on his whole career, I guess I'm okay with it.

  • Austin Wuebbels is an interesting choice as first-team lineman. I wouldn't have considered it, though it looks like they tried to go with specifically two tackles, two guards, and a center instead of simply a top 5. And I might be underrated Wuebbels -- he was a mauler, and Mizzou's push regressed when he left. (Though after this year, I'd most likely choose Connor McGovern over him.)

  • I would have probably gone with C.J. Mosley over Harold Brantley at second-team DT, simply because Brantley's only been a big contributor for one season. And my adoration of Markus Golden may have led me to choose him over Shane Ray at first-team DE. (And poor Brian Smith ... the guy was a massive difference-maker in 2006 before his hip injury, and he can't even sniff the two-deep at DE.)

  • Kinney, Spoon, and Brothers. That's one hell of a linebacking corps. And I like the Marcus Bacon love on the second team.

  • Biggest omission by far: PIG BROWN. Selecting Ian Simon over both Pig and Braylon Webb is baffling. I mean, maybe that's looking into the future -- maybe Simon's about to have a massive season -- but yikes. Webb was far steadier than Simon has been to date, and while Brown's 2007 injury probably prevented him from seeing the first team ... man ... first-team for Simon is all sorts of presumptive. (I like the Shirdonya Mitchell shoutout, though.)

  • That's one hell of a special teams unit.

Thoughts? Who hasn't gotten enough love on this list?

Mizzou Tigers pennant Future All-Pinkel

ESPN Video: Terry Beckner Jr. will be top-10 pick

Mizzou Tigers pennant Breaking down Mizzou's latest commit

PowerMizzou: Commitment Analysis: Darius Anderson
PowerMizzou: Film Room: Darius Anderson

Shows good acceleration and feet with above average hips. He will run through arm tackles and accelerates through contact while scrapping for extra yards. He has excellent vision and instincts. I was impressed with his ability to set up his blocks as well as set up defenders in the open field in order to create favorable angles for himself.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Mitch!

Grantland: Inside Men

Physical profile is the first way many scouts separate offensive linemen by position. It didn’t take long for Chiefs offensive line coach Andy Heck to realize Morse wouldn’t be playing tackle in the NFL. "The first frame of film I saw, just by body type alone," Heck explains. Some players simply can’t escape the fate their bodies have all but guaranteed. Morse’s 32¼-inch arms put him in the fourth percentile among tackles, which would make dealing with the likes of Robert Quinn and Von Miller problematic. But what makes him an ideal candidate for a move inside isn’t just that he can’t play tackle. The traits he does have are the prototype for an excellent interior lineman.

"As you continue to watch," Heck says, "you see he has the explosion, the leverage, the speed and quickness you’d want in an inside guy."

Mizzou Tigers pennant No practice yesterday

First day of class and all.

The Trib: MU starts school year with record enrollment, threat of graduate student walkout

#CVL is done with classes on his first day of college. Where is he now? The #Mizzou practice gym. #MIZ @cullenvanleer

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Our freshmen participated in the annual tiger walk yesterday!

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