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Missouri's defensive line is loaded and will be for years to come

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Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On


KTGR | The Big Show: Bill Connelly


Look at me, abusing my privilege here...

Mizzou Tigers pennant This defensive line rules

The Trib (David Morrison): MU Notes: The "Bulletin Boards and Happy Accidents" edition

Harris had to be informed that Gary Pinkel said he was working out Monday when he wasn't supposed to. He wasn't aware of that. But Kuligowski said it was entirely within Harris' character: "It’s what everybody should try to do. His work ethic is the best. He’s a very, very good player because he has been relentless in pushing himself, every single day, to be the best. It’s not just one day you’re the best. He didn’t just show up here as the best. It’s unbelievable dedication and hard work every day that has allowed him to be at the place he’s in." [...]

Oh, and those 4.5 tackles for loss Harris had against Arkansas State? Color Kuligowski unsurprised: "It really surprised none of us. It really didn’t. I get mad when he doesn’t do it.

PowerMizzou: A pleasant surprise

"It's a pregame rotation, but at that point, it was more so me telling Nate to get in there," Harris said. "And Rickey telling Terry to get in there, and Big Josh (Augusta) telling Josh (Moore) to get in there,"

"I don't know how it happened," Hatley said, laughing. "I don't think it was just the rotation. We all took a break and then we looked out there, and AJ (Logan) said, 'Rick, all freshmen are out there.'

"I said, 'Let's see what they got.' And they held it down."

It's a series that's resonated about the long-term success of Missouri's defensive line.

Mizzou Tigers pennant This offensive line does not rule (yet!)

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Snap Decisions: Stand-up ends, split-out tight ends and the 10-man defense

MU Offense with...

...Taylor Chappell at Left Guard

Series: 11
Run: 19 for 81 (4.26 avg.)
Pass: 8-of-21, 84 yards (4.00 avg.), 3 TD, 2 INT 
QB Hurries: 6

Total: 40 plays, 165 yards (4.13 avg.), 3 TD, 2 INT

...Alec Abeln at Left Guard

Series: 5
Run: 14 for 68 (4.86 avg.)
Pass: 8-of-16, 64 yards (4.00 avg.), INT
Sack: 1 for -9 (-9.00 avg.)
QB Hurries: 2

Total: 31 plays, 123 yards (3.97 avg.), INT

I ... was hoping to see more of a "Things changed when Chappell came in" story there.

Post-Dispatch: Tuesday Tiger Takeaways: On tailbacks, O-line & Cadillacs

Is something wrong with Missouri’s offensive line? The coaches already made a change at left guard, with Taylor Chappell moving ahead of Alec Abeln this week. Other than right guard, the other four positions are manned by someone nursing an injury or adjusting to a new position. Playing on a sprained right ankle, center Evan Boehm "leaned a lot" at Arkansas State, Pinkel said. Connor McGovern, playing left tackle for the first time since high school, got beat for a sack on Saturday, though he also punished a pass-rusher into the turf several times. "He’s a good enough athlete to do it," Pinkel said. "It’s being out there on an island. It’s something he’s going to continue to learn. … You’ve got to be technique conscious, especially against speed rush guys. When he gets in trouble he’s a little lazy with this feet or doesn’t get his feet the right way. … He’ll get better at that. He’ll do a good job."

Mizzou Tigers pennant I'll give you one guess who was No. 1

PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers