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Terry Beckner Jr. and Nate Howard earned praise, playing time with Week 1 performance

Derrick Forsythe / Rock M Nation

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

They're USC-centric, obviously, but Arkansas State-USC highlights:

Mizzou Tigers pennant Media day @MizzouFootball Media Day - Week 2

On Terry Beckner, Jr. being named a co-started alongside Josh Augusta…

It's competitive there. Terry really had a really good game, Josh did too, but it's a competition, we do that all the time.  We've done that with all of our defensive lines.  We play eight guys there consistently when we can.  Terry did a lot of good things, as a lot of players did. He's really come along and really maturing and it's really nice to see.  He's a pretty humble guy, those guys have a tendency to mature quicker and listen more and don't get caught up in themselves.  So we're excited about his progress.

On Nate Howard's great jump at the defensive end spot and if he feels it looks like he's offside…

That's what I was wondering too because of our problems with penalties a year ago. On a couple of them he jumped fast and quick.  That's what he started doing the last 10, 12 days, 12 practices that we had, we saw that and that's when we decided 'Shoot, this guy's going to be great, and obviously he's got the upside to do great, great things.'  He did a lot of good things.  Coach Kuligowski has done a good job coaching those guys and they have great respect and trust for him just because of the consistency of how players turn out at those positions.

On how significant it was to get a commitment from Terry Beckner, Jr. ….

To get Terry was - East St. Louis High School - we knew about him obviously when he was in ninth grade.  We'd heard about him, one of the best players in the nation. The neat thing about him too, like I said he just he just brings this humility, he's a hard worker and takes coaching just wants to get better. He listens to Coach Kuligowski and everything he says.  He's going to be an impact player right away, and that's huge. Especially losing (Harold) Brantley, and that has problems we've had there some with the loss of players that have gone to the NFL or graduated and both. I'm just happy he's on our football team and hope he stays healthy and I am interested in how good he can get.

On whether Beckner's low-key personality presented challenges in the recruiting process…

Coach Ford and Coach Kuligowski both had a good relationship with him. I didn't have as much, you know I'd talk to him once every couple of weeks on the phone and those types of things. Coach Sunkett has done really well over the years so I think there was some great trust there, but he is a quiet guy.  Very few words.  Those guys are kind of hard to read sometimes, but what you do is you just recruit them.  It's still all about people and trust and those types of things. In the end, when he put that hat on, that was good for Mizzou.

The Trib (David Morrison): Gary Pinkel Speaks: Arkansas State Week

On young guys playing on the road the first time: "We've talked about this. This isn't the first time they've heard it. Are we just assuming they're going to be focused 100 percent? I don't assume anything. Ever. But the ones you prepare to play the football game, it doesn't matter where it's played."

Pinkel on Mauk and Lock's relationship: "It's great. It's healthy. We battle and compete at positions, but there's a general respect among everybody. That's what makes us a family."

On playing freshman QBs: "We have a process that we've used. And the reason we use it is that it works."

PowerMizzou: Media Day Notebook: Week 2

"Yeah, I'm gonna be good to go," Hansbrough said. "This is just precautionary right now … I really wanted to play Saturday. Just because it wasn't that big of a game, I guess, they took me out."

Boehm said if last Saturday was "a different game and a different atmosphere and a different scenario" he would have played through the injury. Now, he's approaching A.J. Ricker's school-record consecutive starts streak - and he knows it.

"I already told Rex and the doctors that they can do all they want to me," Boehm said, "but they better know that I'm playing on Saturday and the streak's still gonna be alive."

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"It’s huge for our fan base and for the people here in Jonesboro. We always want to play six home games a year and bring in the best caliber opponent we can. To have an SEC opponent from right down the road, I think is great for everybody. I think it benefits both sides of the equation. With all that we’ve got going on, the renovations, the way the brand is growing, to have this game open our home season in the timing that it is, it’s big for Arkansas State. Hopefully we’ll take advantage of it, pack the house and play a good game." — [head coach Blake] Anderson on hosting Mizzou

Mizzou Tigers pennant People are noticing, Drew

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Mizzou Tigers pennant Depth chart

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Henson also mentioned the fact that Mauk's receivers could've helped a little more Saturday: "One we ran out of bounds, we dropped another touchdown and thought we had another right in our hands on a long throw earlier. You change all that -- we dropped another third-down completion that would have been a conversion -- and his numbers are 17 or 18 of 22 with a couple more touchdowns. It looks different. Some of that stuff, we can control as receivers. It wasn't on Maty. I think he's doing well, and he and Drew's relationship is really good."

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