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The Frank Haith era was even more disappointing than we realized at the time, huh?

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

I'll give you one guess.

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The Trib: Missouri admits to NCAA basketball violations

Post-Dispatch: With postseason ban, Tigers will end season early

PowerMizzou: Do NCAA sanctions change Anderson's future?

Deadspin: Mizzou Basketball Agrees To Pretend 2013-14 Season Didn't Happen

About 15 hours after this news came down, I'm left confused over basically one issue: Who was told about this and when? Kim Anderson wasn't told about this investigation during the interview process despite the fact that Mizzou had been given a "verbal notice of inquiry" before Haith left. Hell, Haith himself said he didn't know about the investigation until months later. Meanwhile, when Mack Rhoades interviewed for the athletic director position a year later, he was told. I have no idea what a verbal notice of inquiry is, but that's really confusing.

That doesn't make it less confusing. You're told you're being investigated, but you can't tell coaches or prospective coaches yet? Either someone is being misleading, or the NCAA's processes are even stranger/dumber than we thought.

Or both, I guess. It could always be both.

The more I think about these violations, by the way, the more I think Mizzou's set of self-imposed punishments is pretty appropriate. We'll see if the NCAA's dartboard of random enforcement agrees.

But hey, at least the 2013-14 wins were vacated and not the 2011-12 wins. Though, now that I think about it, Mizzou should have included "vacate the 2012 NCAA Tournament appearance" among the self-imposed punishments...

Mizzou Tigers pennant The recruiting dead period is over. Time for the home stretch.

PowerMizzou: Three keys to closing strong

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Unofficial Scholarship Breakdown: 2016 edition

So apparently landing a JUCO lineman is a fresh priority after the break...

Mizzou Tigers pennant The next big test for the Fightin' Pingetons comes tonight #24 @MizzouWBB Hosts #6 Mississippi State Thursday Evening

Mizzou Tigers pennant Baseball expectations: high @MizzouBaseball Ranked No. 15 in Preseason PerfectGame Rankings

Mizzou Tigers pennant A hell of a catcher Mizzou Insider: Mack Continues Emergence For The Tigers

Mizzou Tigers pennant Still ain't played nobody

In case you're interested in some content that mercifully has nothing to do with Mizzou...