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Weekend All-Sports Thread

Is there a better time of the collegiate sports calendar? So many sports are in season, so let's get a hub going for ALL the weekend action

The season is OPEN!
The season is OPEN!
The Beef

If you have a slow work day in front of you, this thread is going to be the place to be.  Women's Golf starts their spring season at the FSU Match Play. Softball opens their season against L'ville down in Florida at 10am.  Baseball starts up just an hour later against Iona.  Each diamond team plays a double-header.  Gymnastics will be in Florida later into the evening, and that is just Friday.  Saturday and Sunday also feature track, tennis and wrestling.  TONS of stuff going on beyond the hardwood sports, so let's hub it up for the weekend and get this going for live threads on games.

In the meantime, here is as much info as I cared to put together about what to expect for the weekend.  The links are the best of what I could find on Thursday afternoon, and I will do my best to update these through the weekend.  Some of these links might be pay links, but I figured I would throw all of it out there.

Women's Golf

All day (Fri-Sun)
FSU Match Play Championship - Release
Tournament Page
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My Thoughts: This is an interesting event, as I dont know that I've seen match play events in college golf, so that is fun at least. Field looks pretty solid, as four of the teams finished last year receiving some votes (including South Car. who finished 5th).  Ladies had a decent fall season, winning their home tourney and coming in top-10 in a couple of others.


Friday @ 6:00 p.m.
Release on Meet (MU)
Release on Meet (UF)
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My Thoughts: The ladies have had a pretty solid year thus far, especially when you consider they lost their (expected) top gymnast at the start of the year when she transferred out.  Gymnastics is not always about who you beat, but how you score.  Last time we competed against UF, they scored over 198 (out of 200) which is ridiculously high.  MU only scored in the 194's.  Look for UF to win this meet, but it will be all about where MU scores.  Anything above 195 (especially on the road) is a solid result.


Saturday @ 10:00 a.m. vs. CSU / Sunday @ 11:00 a.m. vs. Neb
Release on Weekend
Match Notes
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My Thoughts: Coach Sasha Schmidt has the team sitting at 6-2 at this early point of the season as they head up to Lincoln for the two matches.  For those of you who dont know, there will be three doubles matches contested.  The team winning two of the three (or all three) will receive the "doubles point".  There will then be six singles matches, with a point for each winner.  Team getting to four points wins the overall match.  Anyway, the Tigers are pretty young, with only one senior and two juniors among their starting eight.

Track & Field

All day (Fri + Sat)
Men's Release (ARK)
Women's Release (ARK)
LIVE VIDEO (Day 2)ollow on Twitter

My Thoughts: The Mizzou women have had a very solid indoor campaign, and I believe senior thrower Kearsten Peoples may still own the best weight throw toss in the nation for the 2015 indoor season.  There are only a couple of weeks left before the SEC Championships, so this will provide the Tigers a nice chance to see how they stack up against solid competition (as Arkansas is 3rd in the nation for both men and women).  How good is indoor track in the SEC?  There are seven men's teams in the top 15 and seven women's teams in the top 25 (including THE TOP FOUR) with Mizzou sitting at #16.


Sunday @ 12:00 p.m.
Previous stuff on Rock M
National Duals Info
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My Thoughts: Senior Day at Hearnes as the Tigers have their last home dual (still do have the MACs at home)  before (presumably) heading to Iowa City next week for the final three rounds of the National Duals.  American should not be too tough an opponent, so I would expect to see some senior wrestlers to get some starts instead of underclassmen starters.


Friday @ 11:00 a.m. (2) and Saturday @ 12:00 p.m. (2)...all against Iona
Release for Weekend
Gametracker - Game 1
Gametracker - Game 2
Gametracker - Game 3
Gametracker - Game 4
LISTEN (Day 1)
LISTEN (Day 2)
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My Thoughts: Well, is this the swan song of TJ at our helm? I will be curious to see how many from that top-25 recruiting class see the field this weekend, which was shrunk down due to some impending bad weather in North Carolina.  Seems like a long way to travel to play Iona, but what do I know?  For the record, Iona finished last season 13-31, 9-15 in the MAAC.


Release for Weekend
Our Weekend Preview
Our Preview (Part 1)
Our Preview (Part 2)
Our Preview (Part 3)
Gametracker vs. Louisville
Gametracker vs. UT-C
Gametracker vs. UCF (Sat)
Gametracker vs. Cleveland State (Sat)
Gametracker vs. SD St. (Sun)
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My Thoughts: I dont know why I am surprised, but everyone who we are playing this weekend already has at least three games under their belt from last weekend.  Let's take a look at some results (RPI rankings are from last year where mentioned, otherwise ranking is from current poll)

Louisville (RPI 48):

  • Wins against UC-Davis and Cal-Bakersfield (both 130+ RPI from last year)
  • Losses to UNLV (RPI 91), #13 Minnesota and #15 Washington
  • Gave up at least two runs in each game, with four runs or more in four of the five games
UT-C (RPI 72):
  • Wins against GW, Evansville and App State (all RPI 160+)
  • Win (13-0 in 5) against UAB (RPI 40)
  • Loss against #17 Auburn (12-1)
UCF (#27):
  • Two wins against George Mason (RPI 188) and BC (RPI 83)
  • 4-1 win over #30 South Carolina
Cleveland State (RPI 189):
  • Three wins over Toledo, Niagra and Canisius (all RPI 230+)
South Dakota State (RPI 258):
  • Two wins over Utah State (RPI 194)
  • Two losses over Iowa State (RPI 122)
The first three games are shaping up to be interesting matchups. I would expect Tori to start against L'ville and then again against UCF, with Lowary getting UT-C.  For the other two, I would expect a Lowary/Baxter combo of some sort.  By rankings alone (and that is all we really have to go from at this point), these are all games we should win, but saying that and doing that are two different things.