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Mizzou Wrestling 2009-2010

Wrestling/Gymnastics Recap

The Beef's Rest of the Weekend Wrestling Recap

A look back at Mizzou Wrestling's weekend, highlighted by a loss to Purdue and a solid performance at the Missouri Open.

The Beef Wraps up Mizzou-Cal Poly Wrestling

A recap of today's Missouri-Cal Poly wrestling dual.

The Beef's Mizzou Wrestling Preview: Double Duty on Friday

A preview of Friday's wrestling duals between Missouri and Cal Poly, and Missouri and Purdue.

Mizzou-Illinois: The Beef's Wrestling Recap

A match-by-match recap of Mizzou Wrestling's 18-16 win over Illinois last night.

2009-2010 Wrestling Preview

A preview of Missouri wrestling for 2009-10. Prominent names include Nick Marable, Max Askren, and defending heavyweight national champion Mark Ellis.