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“We then moved in the other direction”

5 takeaways from PowerMizzou’s great oral history of Missouri’s decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

Lots of traitors in the Big 12, huh?

A new column from the Omaha World-Herald suggests that five Big 12 schools were looking to leave for the Big Ten around the time of Texas' Pac-16 proposal.

EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: Haters gonna hate

A reaction to the "Missouri was a big loser in conference realignment" sentiment.

EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: And then it ended

A look at today's decision to keep the Big 12 together, from a Missouri perspective.

EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: MU-to-SEC has legs?

A look at where Missouri stands today in the NCAA's conference realignment saga. The Big 12, Big Ten, Big East, SEC, and Mountain West still remain viable options.

What if Mizzou had stayed?

What if Mizzou had stayed in the Big 12? How would recent football seasons have played out?

EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: What changed?

A look at Missouri's status in conference realignment. The Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, SEC, Conference USA, and Mountain West all remain at least slight possibilities.

Hoops offseason and realignment

Summer workouts have begun for Missouri Basketball, Montaque Gill-Caesar's back spasms keep him from playing with Canada's U19 team, and let's revisit conference realignment's silliest month (June 2010) some more.

EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: Where will MU end up?

FROM 2010: A look at where Missouri might end up after conference realignment. Many options are on the table, from the Big Ten, to a redefined Big 12, to the Big East, to the Mountain West.

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: The Big 12's Last Stand

A look at's report of the Big 12's late-gasp effort to keep the conference together.


A look back at a Dallas Morning News conference realignment article from 1994.

As the Big 12 burns, remember that Mizzou didn't start the fire

Rock M Nation submits a musical tribute to brilliant disaster that is the Big 12.


Thoughts on the 'ultimatum' issued by Big 12 presidents to Mizzou and Nebraska in attempting to pledge their loyalty to the conference. A Pac-10 expansion effort expands the game far beyond Missouri and Nebraska.

Feldman confirms: Mizzou to the Big Ten is NOT a "done deal"

A report by KOMU-TV in Columbia on Thursday morning indicated that Missouri to the Big Ten was a "done deal." The story's original source – ESPN's Bruce Feldman – now refutes this report.