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Rack M Nation

Let’s talk grilling

Hope everybody has a happy holiday. If you’re around, let’s talk food.

Rack M Nation: White Bean Chili!

Its getting cold outside. So lets get to cookin' something hot.

Rack M Nation: Nashville Hot Chicken

Flat Branch is already a Columbia institution

In a college town full of classic, older spots -- Shakespeares, Booches, etc. -- Flat Branch didn't need much time to carve out a niche as a go-to brewery and gastropub.

Apple fritter bread pudding. Hell yes.

How to make apple fritter bread pudding.

Booches: Best burger on wax

In a time when growth threatens some of Columbia’s beloved locations, one restaurant tucked away on Ninth Street remains constant: Booches.

Shakespeares has moved (sort of)

Downtown Columbia’s beloved pizza joint opened its Eighth Street doors to customers last Friday night.

Shared from:

An All-Ranch Dressing Restaurant Is Coming to St. Louis

Twisted RAnCh's slogan is: "Always Fresh, Always Delicious, and Always Twisted with Ranch."

Pork Chops with a kick, just in time for fall!

Tuesday Afternoon Overflow

Brew M Nation

Traveling to Toledo? Use this guide to drinking local.

Southern thighs are all that is right about BBQ

I smoked up some competition style chicken thighs this week, so lets take a look!

Missouri defenders aim to rack up turnovers

(of both the football and baked goods variety)

Grillin, drankin and celebratin 'Merica

What have you been cooking this summer?

Rack M Nation: Seafood On The Grill!

We've got weiners, brats, links and sausage!

Mrs Bill C. asked me to write about her favorite subject, sausage, today. I honestly am not brave enough to go against her wishes, so away we go!

Rack M Nation: Pork Choppin & Burger Smashin

I haven't really gotten the smoker out as much as i'd like so far this spring but I've cooked up plenty of delicious meat inside!

Mizzou Links: Kim Anderson and Food

Unless you were in a bunker without internet access for the last 18 hours, you know that we've got a new coach who is also an old coach. We'll be talking plenty about Kim Anderson through the week, but heres a ton of links about him also.

Cookin up dem birds, Missourah style.

Mmmm, poultry. It is so delicious when cooked outside over the fire. Its also so annoying when its not a real animal and wears stupid buckle-y type shoes. Let's discuss more...

Look out Gators, we're hungry

Florida and their vaunted D are coming to town this weekend, so lets cook up something (insert Cousin Eddie voice here) real nice for em.

Fall recipes a plenty!

Temps are finally starting to fall and all the fall beers are in the stores. Let's discuss fall recipes!

Beer and tailgating, its a magical marriage.

Tailgating is all about food and BEER, so lets discuss great local, regional and even those big national beers that we love to enjoy before the game and maybe in a post game celebration.

Rack M Nation: tailgate desserts

Desserts should not be a tailgate afterthought.

Basting your meat

Do you inject before hand, do you baste it during? Lets talk about how we treat our meat.

Friday afternoon live thread: Tailgate recipes

We'll get to the main courses soon enough, but for starters, let's talk about ... starters.

QBs and desserts

Mizzou fans act like spoiled children during one down year, and my BMI is somewhere north of 120.

8-8-13 Overflow Thread

Day 2 without Bill C. has continued us on track for SBnation titles in interstate baseball hatred, pizza wars and dessert discussions!

8-7 Overflow Thread

We're a talkative bunch today so lets migrate over here and continue the discussions!

Mizzou Links, 8-7-13, BST Style

Bill C. is out of town, the mastheads are taking over, so lets talk sports and food!

Coaches and BBQ

Man, I really wanna open a Kadlec's BBQ joint now.....


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