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Rack M Nation: Bird Is The Word

Mmmm, poultry. It is so delicious when cooked outside over the fire. Its also so annoying when its not a real animal and wears stupid buckle-y type shoes. Let's discuss more...


There are so many ways to cook a chicken. I've realized over the last few years that the single best way to do so is by cutting the spine out and laying that sucker out flat. You can call it butterflied, but I prefer the term Spatchcock, huh huh. This just ensures that your bird is going to all get cooked through at about the same time. Theres no cavity thats insulating that cold air and keeping the breast cold while the outside is burnt to a crisp. I do this both grilled and smoked. I've been destroying some smoked chickens lately.

Anywho, check out serious eats guide to a seriously grilled chicken HERE.

If you wanna smoke your yard bird, Amazing Ribs of course has the break down for ya over HERE.


Thats how I do my chackin rat ^thar^.


Its getting to be that time of year, I actually just baked 2 pumpkin pies last night, to start thinkin about your big birds. Turkey season is just about upon us. Smoked turkey can be sooo good, but it can also be so freaking dry and bland. I did 2 smoked birds last year, one with a spicy rub and one straight up how AA told me. Both were super good. I butterflied them both so that I could control the temp a bit better and I injected both with butter. Mmmmm, butter. They were super juicy and had a great flavor.

Check out AR's thoroughly extensive smoked turkey breakdown rightcha


That was my oven cooked variation of AR's bird. Super juicy.

Oh Bobby Flay, I have such a man crush on you. Your recipes are legit and you are the reason I found my hog cooker. He has a turkey avacado fajita recipe that goes far beyond not sucking. Check that out over yonder.

That's all I've got for today kiddos. If you've got a favorite bird recipe, please share it in the comments. Other than that, I hope to see our Tigers destroy another ugly bird tomorrow!