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Rack M Nation: How to do desserts at a tailgate

Tailgates are pretty well required to include certain things: meat cooked over fire, booze and something savory or sweet to tie it all together. Many of us men-types are most concerned with the first two on that list. Desserts should not be an afterthought, though. They are made up to a few days a head of time and are easily transportable. They can be snacked on while you are on your way into the stadium or saved for a post game celebration or to drown your sorrows. So kids, let's rap about just how to properly do desserts at your tailgate.



These are easy, have a great variety and most people like them. I think they are maybe a bit too easy but they are great for early season games against the Murray State's of the world. Why not have cupcakes when you should win 57-0? Here are a few of my favorite cupcake recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Mini Oreo Cheesecakes.


As you all know I am a man firmly in team cake. I would take a cake over pie in almost any situation that could come up. However, for those late fall games when the air is crisp and mood is right for making love winning SEC games, then a pie is just right for the occasion. I have quite a few options here, some are cold, some are hot and some are just plain damn delicious. Take a gander and decide for yourself: Apple Pie in an Apple, Black Bottom Peanut Butter Pie & my person favorite the Brownie Pumpkin Pie.

Breakfast desserts

Oh man oh man, those morning kick offs are in no way popular with me. The only plus is that I get to gorge on both booze and breakfast at the same time. Those are my two favorite things in the world and only a few times a year am I allowed to include them in such a magical way. I know Beefarino has his way of doing up the breakfast style tailgate and he is a great man for it. I am not that energetic that early in the morning to so I like to pre-make a few things like these: Super Crumb Coffee Cake, Apple Butter Cookies & Snicker Doodle Muffins.

Cake Cakes

I can't got through all of this without having just a cake category, can I? Cakes mark a good celebration. Julia Child once said "a party without cake is just a meeting". Well damn it, I am not just going to some stinking meeting of Mizzou fans. I am going to a celebration of our hive minded fandom of the greatest effing school known to man. That kind of celebration deserves cake! Here are some for you to give a whirl:MY FIL's favorite cake, theInside Out German Chocolate, My personal favorite the Cheesecake Inside a Red Velvet Cake, Pumpkin Chocolate Caramel Cake & the good old Better Than Sex Cake.

Dessert Drinks

I am not personally a big dessert drink person. Some people like a good cordial. Others an irish whiskey ties things together nicely. I don't mind an O'fallon pumpkin beer or just a nice glass of Bulleit. Whats your favorite drink to cap the eating off with?

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